“Secret Society Of The Second Born Royals” is an all-new original movie that tells the story of a group of second-born royals, who must come together as a team to defend the Kingdom.   But these aren’t your average members of a royal family, they all have superpowers and must learn how to control their powers, while dealing with the usual teenage issues.

This movie is a cross between the X-Men, Kingsman and the Princess Diaries, it might sound an odd combination, but it actually works.  It’s a great way to get younger audiences into superhero movies, but it will probably also keep adults entertained.

While the movie is made by the Disney Channel, it often doesn’t feel like it.  There are no big musical numbers and it doesn’t feel like a launchpad for a musical career.  The budget looks like it was stretched a little too thin, as the special effects looked a little ropey at some points when they were trying to do too much.

“Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” is very obvious in where it’s going, the major plot twist was set up from the beginning, but younger audiences might miss it.   But it was still satisfying to see how it was going to happen.

I was pleasantly surprised by the film, I wasn’t expecting much going into it, I enjoyed it.  It was a little cheesy and predictable since it has way too many clichés.  But I’m really hoping we get some more films in this possible franchise, as with any good superhero movie, they set up the next instalment easily.

The cast delivered an enjoyable movie, I especially liked Skylar Astin, who played the professor who has to teach the teenagers how to be superheroes or X-Men, as he even had his own Danger Room.  There is little doubt that this is a teenage Disney version of the X-Men, but it works.

I also thought Peyton Elizabeth Lee stood out, having previously seen her in other Disney Channel shows, along with the other members of the “team”.   I’m sure we will all be seeing much more of all of them in the future, though I did find January’s over the top English accent to be a little annoying.

At just 90 minutes long, the film has a pretty fast pace, even kicking off with an opening montage to set everything up and all the major points throughout the movie are very straight to the point, since they don’t have the time to do things subtlety.  The main villain is very one dimensional and hits the usual key points as we are introduced to him, but in being so simple, you instantly know what’s coming next.  However, that doesn’t mean its not an enjoyable journey and having a leaner runtime does help with the flow of the film, since it feels like every scene has a simple purpose and there is very little fluff.

“Secret Society Of The Second Born Royals” is an enjoyable TV superhero movie and is worth checking out if you have a Disney+ subscription.  It’s nowhere near the level of a Marvel movie, but it never aims to be, as its a fun teenage Disney movie, that obviously takes many ideas from other genres and mixes them all together into a fun family movie.


Rating 4 out of 5


Secret Society Of Second Born Royals is coming to Disney+ on Friday 25th September

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