Searchlight Pictures’ latest film is “All Of Us Strangers”, a British drama set in a near-empty tower block in the middle of London and among the few residents in the building is Adam, played by Andrew Scott, who has a chance encounter with a mysterious neighbour called Harry, who Paul Mescal plays.

The film deals with many complex issues, but possibly one that stands out the most is loneliness, as Adam doesn’t have any family, nor many friends, so when Harry comes into his life, it opens the door for him to connect with someone.  This is very much a love story between Paul and Harry, as they get to know one another and begin to care for each other. 

Another huge part of this film is about what happens when Adam goes through photos of his childhood and comes across some of his late parents, played by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell.  From here, Adam becomes preoccupied with those memories and is drawn back to the town that he grew up in, seeking out his childhood home and discovering that his parents are still there, who appear to be living just like they were on the day they died.  

Adam spends time with his parents, getting to know them, talking about his life and reenacting how he might have eventually had to come out to them about his sexuality and dealing with how they would have handled him telling them.    No doubt, these powerful scenes are going to connect with many viewers.

In some ways, these flashback scenes can be a little disorienting, since you get drawn into Adam’s illusion, questioning if what you are watching is happening, or it is all in his head or even worse.   

As an 80s kid, there’s so much about this film that I instantly connected with, growing up during that era and especially the music, as there are lots of great classic British songs from that era that trigger that nostalgia button in my head.

“All Of Us Strangers”, like many Searchlight Pictures’ movies, is a little odd but also refreshing.  The performances are fantastic, especially Andrew Scott, who really shows off his emotions, dealing with his late parents and also in his relationship with Harry.  I enjoyed watching the film; it’s not one that I’d probably ever watch again, but I’m glad I’ve seen it. 

It’s a very strong drama that left me thinking after the film had finished, which I always think is an excellent way to tell if a story connects, especially the dramatic ending that I certainly never saw coming and makes that feeling of loneliness connect with a viewer even more.

Overall, “All Of Us Strangers”, is a very emotional, moving and interesting film that deals with some heavy topics, but it does feel sometimes like it’s two films in one, both of which are told very well, but don’t expect to feel in a better mood once you’ve seen it.

Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5

“All Of Us Strangers” is out in cinemas in the US on December 22nd 2023, and in the UK on January 26th 2024.  Expect the film to arrive on Hulu On Disney+ in the US and on Disney+ internationally later in 2024.


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