20th Century Studios has picked up the rights to the short story, “BOMB”, written by Kevin McMullin and is an action thriller about Frankie Ippolit, a hostage negotiator called into duty the night before his wedding in London. A man who has parked himself in a construction site in Piccadilly Circus is standing on a newly uncovered, unexploded bomb from WWII. He tells local law enforcement he will only speak with Frankie, and this sets off a chain of events in which Frankie is drawn into an overnight struggle to stop the bomber with whom he has a past.

The short story is going to be turned into a new film, that is hoped could be turned into a franchise. It will be directed by Ridley Scott, who, when he was brought onto the project, enabled Disney to outbid the other ten studios trying to get ahold of the project, including Apple, Netflix, Sony and Warner Bros.

According to Deadline, Ridley’s company, Scott Free, is going to be producing the film, with Michael Pruss, Sam Roston and Rebecca Feuer producing, along with Colin Greten and Catherine Hughes overseeing the 20th Century Studios.

The deal was made for low-seven figures and included a writing deal, with Kevin McMullin writing the script for the movie.  Kevin has previously worked on “Low Tide” and “First Prize”.

Due to the project still being in the early stages of development, Ridley Scott will still finish up his duties on the upcoming “Gladiator 2”.   Ridley has worked with 20th Century Studios on many projects including “The Last Duel” and multiple entries in the “Alien” franchise.

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