One of the many new animated shows currently in development is “Primos”, which is a coming-of-age animated comedy that follows Tater Ramirez Humphrey, an eccentric girl with big dreams, determined to find what makes her extraordinary. When her 12 chaotic cousins (“primos” in Spanish) move in for the summer, they help her discover her true self.

During a recent interview with the LA Times, Natasha Kline revealed that the show will premiere with two episodes on July 25th 2024, at 8 p.m. Pacific on the Disney Channel, which will be followed by two new episodes being released weekly at 9 a.m. Saturdays from July 27th 2024.   It was also revealed that the first nine episodes of the show will be available to stream on Disney+ starting July 26th 2024.

Last year at the Annecy Animation Film Festival, Disney revealed the opening titles and song to the show, which was met with lots of online backlash over how the song was grammatically incorrect in Spanish and the name of the town trasnlated into Earthquake Heights.

Following this backlash, the creators have gone back and made many changes, including renaming the town to “Hacienda Heights”.   The creator, Natasha Kline, addressed the backlash saying:

“I made the show because I did want to connect with my roots and with my heritage.  That was the first time I ever got feedback from the public, so it was very interesting. … But I think the way that people react to things is valid.”

And she went on to brush off the negativity as part of the experience of making a show.

“That’s the nature of the beast.  When you’re an artist and you’re making something for the world, the hope is that you get feedback. I was getting feedback throughout the whole process … from execs [and] from my crew [and] if I get feedback, I’m going to be thoughtful about it and proceed with that in mind.”

There have also been some other adjustments to the show to make it more obvious that the show is set in Los Angeles, rather than Mexico, as originally the show used a yellow tint, which is typically used to highlight its set in Mexico.

“For me, this has always been an L.A. show.  So that was something we ended up tailoring because I love this city. I thought, if there’s anything we can lean into to make it more clear that this is what [the show] is about, then let’s do it. That was my original intent anyways.”

Roger’s Take: Following the backlash to this show’s initial reveal, it does look like they’ve gone back and tried to iron out those potential issues to save the show. I think “Primos” has an uphill battle to try to win back the audience’s trust because you can only make a first impression once, but hopefully, with these changes, the launch of “Primos” will be a success.

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