This year has been a disaster for movie studios and cinemas, with films being constantly delayed or moved to on-demand releases.  Already this year, Disney has moved “The One and Only Ivan”, “Hamilton” and “Artemis Fowl” onto Disney+ instead of being released in cinemas, in addition to “”Mulan” being released on Disney+ as a premium purchase.

Disney’s upcoming movie schedule has been reshuffled on multiple occasions and following the box office failure of Warner Brothers “Tenet”, which was released in theatres rather than on-demand, there are now reports that Disney is looking to change its plans for the upcoming Pixar animated movie, “Soul”.

According to a recent article by Deadline, it says “There’s also loose talk out there that Disney/Pixar’s Soul could go to Disney+”.

It’s unknown if Soul would be a Premier Access release such as “Mulan”, or just available as part of the regular subscription.  This will no doubt depend on how well “Mulan” has sold and if Disney is willing to change their release strategy.  There is also another other big issue is that Disney might want to boost what’s available on their streaming platform in November, when many of their subscribers will be coming to the end of their annual passes, since Disney+ launched last November in the United States.

With the Coronavirus situation beginning to cause more problems across Europe and two of the biggest markets in the United States, California and New York, still closed.  Will people return to cinemas for Thanksgiving?  Disney might not want to take a gamble on releasing “Soul” in theatres, since the film appeals to families, who are less likely to want to risk going to cinemas in a pandemic.

Would you like to see “Soul” on Disney+?



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Roger Palmer

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  1. Orion Logan September 9, 2020

    Soul (2020 Film) Is Coming To Disney+

  2. R-Gii September 11, 2020

    With all these films skipping theaters, I think I'm just so over movies anymore anyway. I love Pixar and have seen all of their films at least five times each, so if it goes to theaters, I'll definitely see it, but if it skips, I think I'm giving up on them. I'm giving up on Souls in general, because my Soul has done nothing to me but lie since I was young, and a movie about them is not worth seeing if it skips the theaters, even if it is by Pixar. I'm over VOD movies, I'm over Souls, if Pixar has to combine them under one package, I'm over Pixar.

  3. R-Gii September 11, 2020

    I wouldn't even see my own film if it skipped theaters. "But you don't make films for theaters when you're starting at the bottom." Well, I guess I'm not starting at the bottom then. If that means I'm not going to get started at all, so be it. More proof that my Soul is lying about who I'm meant to be.

  4. Cody Fairless-Lee September 16, 2020

    Dude! SOUL was meant to be seen in theatres. First you ruin MULAN and now you’re thinking about ruining SOUL? God damn you, Disney! ???

  5. ricky gamble September 16, 2020

    Just Do It!