Later this year, Pixar will be releasing its first-ever original long-form animated series on Disney+ called “Win Or Lose”, which follows the Pickles, a coed middle school softball team, in the week leading up to their championship game. Each episode offers a look inside the off-the-field life of a character—a player, their parent, the umpire—revealing their funny, emotional and always relatable point of view in a unique visual style.

The upcoming “Win Or Lose” series is going to be directed by Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates.  David Lall will produce it and will star Will Forte as the coach.

“Win Or Lose” is going to be one of the more interesting and bolder releases from Pixar, but it is having to do so on a smaller budget, and the characters are going to have a more simplified design, to help with costs.

According to The Wrap, Pixar was working on a follow-up series to “Win Or Lose”, but it has been quietly cancelled and might be reworked into a feature film for a later release.

No official details on why the spin-off/follow-up series for “Win Or Lose” was revealed, but since Disney had never officially announced a “Win Or Lose” follow-up series for Disney+ and with the clamp down on original programming to save money, this might be why the show was cancelled.

But also Pixar and Disney+ have had a difficult relationship, following “Turning Red”, “Soul”, and “Luca” all being released directly onto Disney+, causing the box office draw for both “Elemental” and “Lightyear” to be much smaller than usual, due to a belief that families have become “trained” to wait for a Pixar release on Disney+.   So maybe Pixar is refocusing its efforts on getting back into theatrical releases, since it has been stretched to creating films and content for Disney+ over the past few years.

“Win Or Lose” is scheduled to arrive on Disney+ this coming December.  And hopefully, if its successful, maybe we will see the project turned into a film at a later date!

Are you looking forward to watching “Win Or Lose”?  What do you think about Disney cancelling the follow-up series?  Let us know on social media!

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