Pixar’s newest short, Float, is part of the SparkShorts program, which is designed to discover new storytellers, explore new storytelling techniques, and experiment with new production workflows

In Float, a father discovers that his son is different from other kids in the most unusual way, in that he floats/flies. To keep them both safe from judgement, Dad covers him and keeps him out of sight—but when his son’s ability becomes public, Dad must decide whether to run and hide or to accept his son as he is.

There are a few interesting points about this short, while the story shows the child being hid from the world due to his floating ability, the floating represents being different.  In the extra behind the scenes video, the creator Bobby Rubio explains that his son has autism and the short is their story.

It’s a heartwarming story, that means more once you know the background on it, but even if you didn’t watch the extras, the moment between the father and son at the end will no doubt bring a tear to your eye.

Graphically the short doesn’t push the boundaries, but it’s the storytelling that is pushing the SparkShorts program forward, which is ultimately what I would prefer.  Though Float is much more traditionally “Pixar” than Kitbull or Purl, it’s certainly one to check out.

Float is a lovely short film, that both adults and children will love, the underlying message is there, but younger audiences probably won’t get it and just think the floating is cool or a superpower!

Rating 4 out of 5.


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Roger Palmer

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