One of the most anticipated series currently in development for Disney+ is “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, and today, the books author and executive producer of the new series, Rick Riordan, took to his blog to provide us with an update on the Disney+ show.

Recently, Rick and his wife, visited Los Angeles and got to meet the showrunners for the upcoming show for the first time, after working together for over 18 months over Zoom.  They also got to have lunch with folks from Disney regarding the project.

While Rick wasn’t able to give much away, he did confirm that they are currently looking for a director for the show.  To fulfil being a director of the series, Rick explained there are four key things they are looking for:


  1. Are they available? There are so many fabulous directors, but they are all insanely busy on different projects. We have to find someone who happens to have room in their schedule at the same time that we would be making Percy, which is not an easy task in itself.
  2. Are they able and willing to work with young actors? As a middle school teacher, I can appreciate that working with kids isn’t for everyone. You have to have the right temperament and a great deal of patience. You have to be a teacher as well as a director.
  3. Are they someone the folks at Disney can get excited about and feel confident about? The show will be a huge investment. That means the folks at the studio and streaming service want to feel like our director is the absolute best person for the job who can deliver a super show. Fair enough!
  4. Are they someone who knows, loves and understands the Percy Jackson source material? That is critical, for obvious reasons. We know PJO has its own character, tone and personality. We have to find someone who gets that, and who works well with the team we already have in place.

Finding a director is said to be the “final hurdle” for the show, which means they will then be able to start casting for the characters and the first episode’s script is complete, with the season outline is all complete.

Rick Riordan went onto say:


When this series moves forward (fingers and toes crossed, of course) I am confident it will be the show we’ve been waiting for.

No release window for the series has yet been announced and with so much work still to be undertaken, it might be a while before the show hits Disney+.

Are you looking forward to this new “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Disney+ series?

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