Oliver is waiting on news to find out if Will is really his son. Charles is struggling with how to break up with Jan despite the fact she tried to murder him. And Mabel is struggling with her new relationship, Charles’ relationship with Jan and the murder investigation in the latest episode of “Only Murders in the Building.”

This episode puts a lot of focus on Cinda Canning, played by Tina Fey, and her assistant Poppy White. Cinda was once a hero to Oliver, Charles and Mabel, as she hosted their favorite podcast before the murder of Tim Kono. But, in season 2, she has become a thorn in their side as she tries to prove they are responsible for Bunny’s murder, despite their objections. In the end, Cinda’s dismissal of Poppy leads to Poppy deciding to help Mabel, Charles and Oliver in any way she can, which is an interesting wrinkle going forward this season.

We got quite the unusual reveal when it comes why Alice is so interested in Mabel. After having an issue with who Charles, Oliver and Mabel thought was a police officer but now think is the killer, Mabel is stressed and overwhelmed due to that interaction and learning Charles is in contact with Jan. When she arrives back at her apartment, she finds two people dressed like Tim and Zoe from the night Zoe died and Alice dressed as her from the night of Bunny’s murder with a model dressed as Bunny on the floor. It is quite the scene to walk in on. While it goes a long way in continuing the reveal from last week that Alice is most likely not the murderer, it creates more questions than answers about Alice’s involvement in the show. I haven’t been interested in her character from the beginning and this didn’t increase any interest.

The episode ends with Oliver awaiting DNA results about Will, Charles comforting Oliver and Oliver receiving a text from Will showing Mabel in a fight on a subway and it appearing like she stabbed someone. Clearly, this is all being set up to make Mabel look guilty so that she will actually face charges in connection with Bunny’s murder. While that may come about before the season ends, I’m interested to know who is behind this. Is it the killer? Is it Teddy Dimas trying to make their lives a living hell? Did Teddy hire someone to kill Bunny and then frame the trio? These are questions I’m asking and Teddy has only shown up in present day for 5 minutes, so far, this season. Is he a red herring again? Or is he somehow behind it? This show is keeping on my toes and making me laugh while doing it.

Ranking: 4 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Only Murders in the Building?”

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