Charles gets a visit from an old friend, Mabel tries to bond with this friend, and Oliver learns the importance of family in the latest episode of “Only Murders in the Building.” After Charles returns to the set of “Brazos,” he finds Lucy, the girl who was almost his stepdaughter in his home. She finds the knife that was used to murder Bunny in Charles’ apartment and teaches the trio about a series of secret passages around the Arconia that is making it easier for whoever is trying to frame them to sneak into their apartments.

This was one of Steve Martin’s best performances of this series so far. We’ve seen how his failure with Lucy’s mother has caused problem in Charles’ life, but Martin plays it so expertly here when Lucy makes her way back into his life. It’s clear that while he’s not her biological father, he loves her as if she’s his own. He is her father, regardless of biology, and the love between the two is palpable. It’s great to see Martin shine as the man who lost his would-be daughter but steps up to give a moving speech to a new mother and demonstrate why Lucy loves him and why Mable is drawn to him. He’s exactly what both young ladies need as a father.

This episode also brought the three known murderers from season one back into play. I always expected Teddy and Theo to return. They are back at the Arconia while awaiting trial. Teddy wants revenge on the trio, specifically Oliver, but Theo is ready to split from his father’s oversight. Nathan Lane does a wonderful job of playing the jovial, yet angry neighbor who is in pain because he’s done everything for his son, but still may lose him. While their return was expected, Jan’s return was a little surprising. While you could certainly expect Charles to pay her a visit in jail at some point, four episodes into the next season seems a little quick. But it’s clear after his conversation with Lucy that Charles needs answers and from what he can tell, Jan is the only one who can provide them.

The second the credits started to roll; I was ready for episode five. While I’m not really the biggest fan of binge-watching TV, this is definitely a series I could binge if it was available. I like the weekly drops for most shows on both Disney+ and Hulu, but this series may be one that benefits from a full season drop and binging in the future. I don’t want to stop watching it when it’s over, but I have to. I can’t wait for next week.

Ranking: 4.5 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Only Murders in the Building?”

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