After learning Kimber doesn’t have the gift Ben gave her on opening night, Charles, Oliver and Mabel begin investigating if she is possibly Ben’s killer in the latest episode of the Hulu and Disney+ Original Series, “Only Murders in the Building.” Oliver is trying to find a way to find the killer while still saving all of the important people in his play. Mabel keeps getting a phone call from an unknown number that turns out to be Cinda Canning looking for help getting back into the true crime podcast game. And Charles is anxious over his life changes and having to rap in a Broadway musical, so he keeps going to a place known as “The White Room” which causes him to do some unexpected things.

While it’s entirely possible the show is trying to tell us Kimber is the killer while also not wanting us to guess too soon, this episode, much like many episodes before, did a good job of building her up as a suspect and then revealing something else happened. She admits to selling his gift on eBay because she didn’t care much for Ben, but she regrets that decision since he’s dead and it’s the only thing he ever gave her. This probably means Kimber is in the clear as the investigation into Ben’s dressing room and the last second reveal presents a new suspect, Charles’ girlfriend, Joy.

When the trio is holding a lipstick container found in Ben’s dressing room and clearly used to draw a note to him, Joy declares that it’s hers. This leads to major issues for the trio, because Joy has already admitted to having words with Ben due to his problems with Charles, and Charles, after entering “The White Room” for the third time in the episode and the first time without performing his rap. Charles blacks out when he’s in “The White Room” and doesn’t know what he’s doing, so it comes as a shock to learn that he has proposed to Joy mere minutes before she has unknowingly made herself a suspect in Ben’s murder.

While I understand they need to introduce these characters so we get to know them, I doubt Joy is Ben’s killer. They’ve already had Charles’ significant other be the killer in season one and both seasons’ killers were women, so I’m expecting a man this season. Still, this was a fun episode that gave a little backstory about Kimber and a lot of fun with the trio while building up Joy.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of this most recent episode of “Only Murders in the Building?”

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