National Geographic has revealed a brand new documentary it’s developing called “Inside The FBI: The ’70s”, which is going to explore how this once proud law enforcement agency had to rebuild itself and its reputation under the onslaught of relentless crimes – the truths they uncover have shocking legacies that still reverberate throughout the U.S. to this day.

The series will be taking a look at the decade, that was transformative and revolutionary, which reshaped America, where the FBI had to face some of the greatest challenges in its history.

It will also take a look at a wide range of events from the decade, from the Watergate scandal and the bureau’s own internal corruption to a shocking escalation in domestic terror, the birth of alarming cults and the proliferation of serial killers, each new threat drives the FBI to adapt or die in a country undergoing a rapid and profound evolution.

This series will also feature in-depth access to the agents at the heart of each case, “Inside The FBI: The ’70s” examines the successes and failures of these investigations as the organization fights new and emerging threats at every turn.  With a nation reeling from Vietnam and Civil Rights clashes, the FBI confronts a new generation that refuses to adhere to the rules.

Utilizing untapped revelatory FBI archives and unique eyewitness testimony from the FBI agents and their adversaries, this series is not only a white-knuckle ride through the criminal cases that defined America, it also exposes an American society in turmoil.

“Inside The FBI”  is produced by October Films. For October Films, Johanna Woodford Gibbon, Jos Cushing, and Matt Robins are executive producers. For National Geographic, Josh Cole is executive producer; Charlie Parsons is senior vice president, Development; and Tom McDonald is executive vice president, of Global Factual and Unscripted Content.   No release date has been announced for this new series yet.

Tom McDonald, executive vice president, Global Factual and Unscripted Content, National Geographic, said in a statement about some new shows being revealed, including this new FBI show:

“At Nat Geo, we’re drawn to stories and ideas which combine deep insight with incredible emotion. These new greenlights epitomize that – whether it be WWII, cutting-edge genetic detective work or the history of the FBI – these are documentary series underpinned by privileged access, packed full of revelation and told in a gripping, edge-of-your-seat way. It’s thrilling that incredible talent like Idris Elba are joining us as we tell stories that have global significance and resonance.”

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