Last year, Disney announced that it had made a new deal with Candle Media’s Moonbug Entertainment to create a new animated series, “Morphle”, to Disney+ and Disney Junior globally, excluding China, in 2024.   This new series will consist of 52, seven-minute episodes and is based on the YouTube series, “My Magic Pet Morphle.”

Morphle follows Mila and her stepbrother, Jordie, as they leap into a world of adventure with the help of her pet, Morphle, who is extremely loyal and has powers, uses them to change into whatever she needs.  This trio uses their smarts and skills to keep magic pets out of trouble and to solve problems. They even find “magic matches” for each other in hilarious ways.

The team behind the new series also is behind “Cocomelon”, “Blippi” and “Little Baby Bum”.  Which are available on different streaming platforms including Netflix and Amazon Prime, in addition to being available on YouTube.

Recently, Moonbug’s founder and CEO, René Rechtman, spoke with THR, about the upcoming “My Magic Pet Morphle” series, saying:

“The franchise potential of Morphle is extremely exciting because you’ve got this world — imagine you’re you’re a little kid, Mila in this case, and you’ve got a pet and it’s a magic pet — I can’t think of any greater kind of wish fulfillment for a little kid.   In the three minute YouTube series, you can learn there’s only so much you can do and you’re really using these pets as kind of a quick tool to be able to achieve the purpose and move the adventure on,”

René Rechtman went on to talk about their work with Disney “We’ve had this lovely opportunity to build out their personalities so kids really can build a relationship with them.”   Currently, Candle Media’s co-founders, Tom Staggs and Kevin Mayer, who are former executives at Disney, are also advising Disney CEO Bob Iger about potentially selling its linear television networks, to which René shared:

“As you can imagine with my background and of course Kevin and Tom behind the scenes, we have been in dialogue with Disney+ for a very long time.  It is the second biggest platform out there, and for us, it’s very important to work on premium platforms. It’s a very important part of creating higher quality shows and creating affinity with the audience.  One thing is the awareness that YouTube and similar platforms can create, but we also need affinity.  What platforms like Netflix and Disney+ and HBO all great brands can create is that affinity so that’s really, really important.”

Disney has had huge success with licensed shows like “Bluey”, “Dino Ranch”, and “Miraculous Ladybug And Cat Noir”, plus with Disney’s own animated shows being very popular with audiences.  It makes sense for Disney to seek out any popular franchises that kids will enjoy!

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