One of the biggest comedy movies of the 1990s was “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”, which was created by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures and starred Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow, who are carefree party girls who reinvent themselves for their 10-year high school reunion. With new wardrobes and wild stories of success, they make a big impression … until a former classmate blabs their real story to everyone! But that’s when Romy and Michele let loose with a surprise of their own … and outrageous results!

It’s been over eighteen months since Mira Sorvino revealed on the Hoda & Jenna show that she was working on a potential sequel to this classic comedy, but nothing has officially got moving on the project.

“There’s nothing official to report but I can unofficially hint that we’re closer than we’ve ever been to getting something to happen,”

Recently, Mira Sorvino shared an update with Us Weekly on the progress of the ‘Romy and Michele’ sequel at the American Heart Association Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert, where she revealed that the original film’s writer, Robin Schiff, was working on it.

However, Mira did say it might be a while before we hear anything more about the project because:

“She’s currently working on Emily in Paris, so she’s finishing up her draft to present to the studio.”

But did add:

“Lisa and I are wrapping up our deals as executive producers on it with the studio.  We’re full force ahead.  I just still want them to be as relatable, but also as dumb and lovable as they ever were.  Like, I don’t think they’ve learned that much in the time in between, but they still have that unstoppable spirit and that friendship and that idiocy that makes everybody kind of love them. And so, that essential nature of them and the heart that’s at the center of that, that heart has to stay there.”

With the central storyline of the first film being a High School Reunion, the premise of another reunion thirty years later makes complete sense and will no doubt allow for plenty of jokes about how things have changed since they were in High School and from the last reunion in 1997.

It’s unclear if this project will get a theatrical release or if it will be a straight-to-streaming title, but in the meantime, “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” is available to stream on Disney+ in many countries around the world.

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