The writer’s strike continues to cause problems for Disney, as once again, according to Deadline, filming on the Marvel Studios Disney+ series, “Daredevil: Born Again”, has been temporarily suspended due to picketers targeting the production in Silvercup East, New York.  It’s expected that filming will resume tomorrow.

Filming on “Daredevil: Born Again” has been disrupted on many occasions already and is likely to continue to be targeted by the Writer’s Union Of America.   The last time production was paused, it took a week before filming resumed.   Other shows, including Marvel’s “Wonder Man” and FX’s “American Horror Story”, have also been impacted by picketers since the strike started in early May.

Disney has been filming the new show in New York for about three months, and is scheduled to take most of the year to film, since it will be a much larger show than your typical Disney+ show, with eighteen episodes in the season.  With the delays and potential reshoots/rewrites when the strike is over, the show will likely be delayed further.

The new Disney+ series will see some of the actors from the Netflix shows returning, with Charlie Cox returning to the role of Daredevil; Vincent D’Onofrio is also returning as the Kingpin, and Jon Bernthal is reprising his role of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Also starring in the new Disney+ series will be Michael Gandolfini, Arty Froushan, Sandrine Holt, Margarita Levieva and Nikki M. James.   The new Disney+ show is being written and executive produced by Matt Corman and Chris Ord, filming can continue as the scripts have been finished, but unfortunately, they can’t be edited while filming, since the writer’s can’t be on the set due to the WGA strike.

The Writer’s Guild Of America is striking following six weeks of failed negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which is a group that represents major Hollywood studios like Disney, along with Warner Brothers Discovery, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple.  The writers are demanding higher wages, better conditions and higher residual payments, which have drastically changed since the shift from linear to streaming.

All three seasons of “Daredevil” are available to stream now on Disney+.

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