The fourth episode of Marvel Hero Project tells the story of Hailey and her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, with Marvel  and how she has put together a support group for young people to deal with their family members with the disease using puzzles.

This is once again a lovely story about a young person with an incredible heart and is very touching to see how much she cares for her grandmother.  Having experienced this myself with a family member, it was really impressive to see how Hailey is dealing with this.

As with all of these shows, I find that the first half, where we learn about the featured youngster and their story, is lovely and heartwarming.  Then when the Marvel part comes in, it just goes downhill, since it feels so corporate and manufactured.  Seeing Hailey’s reaction to being turned into a comic book and getting $10,000 donated in her name is fantastic but everything else from the Marvel side is just unnecessary.

Marvel Hero Project continues to be an uplifting series, that shows there is good people in the world, which makes this pleasant viewing, but it could do with being trimmed down to keep your attention.

Hailey and her grandmother are the stars here, the love between the family is what makes this episode so enjoyable.  And this episode should be recommended viewing to anyone who is currently having to deal with a family member with Alzheimer’s, as it might help show how younger people can still be involved.  I know all to well, that it’s easy for children and teenagers to stay or kept away when things start getting difficult, but this shows a great way for them to still spend time together.


Rating – 3 stars out of 5

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Roger Palmer

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