When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, it acquired the distribution rights to the 1990s animated film, “FernGully: The Last Rainforest”, along with the global distribution rights to the straight-to-video sequel “FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue”.

Back in 2021, Shout Factory announced it had acquired the rights to distribute the film, which is why the film hasn’t been made available on Disney+.   While 20th Century Fox had the distribution rights to the film, the actual films were still owned by an independent Australian animation company, however, that company went bust and had their assets sold off. 

Recently, it was announced by Machine Media Advisors LLC, that it has acquired the original animated film, along with all associated rights.

“FernGully: The Last Rainforest” is about a young boy called Zak, who finds himself in a rainforest inhabited by enchanted spirits, after Crysta, a dweller of the forest, shrinks him. The film was directed by Bill Kroyer and starred Robin Williams, Tim Curry, Samantha Mathis and Cristian Slater.

The new owners, which include Jonathan Sheinberg, Susan Sheinberg and Matt Feige, are looking to revive and reintroduce the film to a new generation. 

Jonathan Sheinberg said in a statement:

“It has been a pleasure to bring FernGully back to life in the modern digital era. It’s a film that matters deeply to so many people, and we’re excited to continue the legacy of this beloved title.”

Machine Media Advisors are planning on introducing new iterations of the franchise, including new worlds, characters, and storylines to help highlight the issues our planet is facing, including deforestation, pollution, and more.

The team are also in talks with major studio partners for potential live-action remakes and animated movies. They are also looking to partner up with other companies for other tie-ins like immersive experiences, gaming and even a stage show on Broadway.


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Roger Palmer

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