One of the biggest shows coming to Disney+ is Star Wars: The Mandalorian and recently it’s composer Ludwig Göransson recently spoke to /Film about his work on the project.

You’re working on the score for The Mandalorian, so that means you’re one of the few people not named John Williams who will have scored something in the Star Wars universe. What’s that process been like for you so far?

Oh man, I’m so excited for it. I’d say for a film composer, Star Wars is kind of like the holy grail of film music. It’s probably the best film music ever written. So the Star Wars universe, for any composer, it’s like one of the most exciting things you can work on. I can’t really talk about a lot of the details, but what I’ve seen – Jon Favreau is creating the show, and it’s in a new format. It’s an episodic, live-action Star Wars show. So it’s completely different, something you’ve never seen before, and the way that Jon’s shooting it, the way he’s working with technology – I’ve never seen anything like it. For me to be a part of a Star Wars show that’s doing something – it’s a new format, so I think for me doing the music, hopefully I’m really inspired to put my signature on it as well as obviously honoring the legend, John Williams.

I know you can’t tell me much about it, but how would you describe the mood or vibe of the music you’ve created for that show so far?

Well, I’m very much in the process still. Right now, Jon is really encouraging me to just really write music that I really love.


My Take: Ludwig certainly sounds excited for this opportunity to work on this new Star Wars series, while Disney have made many animated series before, this new series is completely different and is very different in terms of doing music, compared to the main Star Wars movies.  I’m excited to see how this show sounds, especially as we are getting more used to Star Wars content like Solo and Rogue One not being made by John Williams.


Are you excited for Star Wars: The Mandalorian?

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