“Love, Victor” hits the midway point through the first season this week and episode 5, returning to the show’s core theme, Victors inner struggles with coming to terms with his sexuality.

The fifth episode sees Victor’s family throw him a birthday party to try to bring them closer together, following the revelation that Isabel almost had an affair with Armando’s former boss, Roger.   Victor’s grandparents are also coming to the party.

Victor also invites his best friend, Felix, (well he kinda automatically assumes he’s invited) and Mia and her best friend, Lake, who also invites Benji and his boyfriend.  This instantly causes some inner conflict within Victor, as he is worried about what grandfather will react to a gay couple being at his home.

During the birthday party, many of the problems from the series so far come to the surface and make this episode more interesting to watch.  There are some fluffy side stories involving Mia trying to get closer to Victor’s mother, because she didn’t have one growing up, plus seeing Lake noticing Felix for the first time.

But it’s the conflict that Victor’s grandfather Tito brings to the episode that makes this one of the best so far.  Victor is terrified of what his grandfather will think of Benji, since he’s terrified of how his grandfather would react should Victor’s real feelings be known.  While Victor gets Benji to go along with the idea of hiding his relationship with his boyfriend, Derek isn’t happy hiding it.  This leads to them having an argument, which ends with them kissing, only for Tito to walk in and see it.

Victor is pulled to the side by his father and grandfather, who want Victor to talk to Benji and Derek about not kissing in their home, which finally causes Victor to snap back, defending their relationship and ultimately himself.   His parents quickly side with Victor, but it isn’t long until Armando shows he still has some problems with people’s sexuality.

It’s a powerful episode and seeing the conflict within Victor in how his family would react to Benji and Derek, just highlights that inner struggle.  As the reactions from this event will undoubtedly play on Victor’s mind and this was him testing his family, subconsciously.

I’m really enjoying “Love, Victor” and while last weeks episode was a little underwhelming, this week’s episode, gets the show back on track.  The inner struggle is a compelling aspect of the show and other characters are slowly being given time to advance their own subplots.

Rating 4 out of 5.





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