The third episode of the new “Star Original”, “Love, Victor” hits Disney+ on Friday 26th February and sees the high school adventures of Victor, who is really struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.   The main focus of this episode sees Victor head out on a date with Mia at a local art gallery, since he doesn’t want to be around his co-worker, Benjie who is performing at the “Battle of the Bands”, as he doesn’t want to get distracted.

Now the introduction period from the first episodes are over, this series starts to go into much more depth into Victor’s feelings and also starts to introduce another major problem facing his parents.

The key part of this episode is about Victor’s inner conflict over who he likes, while he likes Mia and spending time with her, he doesn’t get that same feeling he gets when he’s with Benjie.  The creators of the show don’t hold back on making that point, as when Victor looks a Benjie performing, the show goes into a dream-like sequence with Benjie moving in super slow motion, with his hair bouncing around the place like he is in a shampoo commercial.  It’s very over the top, but it makes the point crystal clear for the viewer, what’s going on in Victor’s mind.

There are plenty of other traditional high school troupes being used in this episode, while they aren’t anything groundbreaking or original, it serves the purpose and helps fill out the episodes with some sub-plots.

Each episode is barely just over 20 minutes long, it did feel like just as the episode got going, it was over and we will now have to wait a week to continue the story.   In the US, when the show debuted on Hulu, they got the whole season dropped at once.  Which, means within a few hours, they could consume the entire season.  I could have easily just hit the next episode at the end of this one.

Rating 3.5 out of 5.

The third episode of the new “Star Original” series, “Love, Victor”, is coming to Disney+ on Friday 26th February.



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