Disney has announced that the reality series, “Love in Fairhope ” is going to be released on Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023.

If you were given the chance to bring your fantasy love story to life on TV, how would it look? Would it be a picture-perfect fairy tale or something a bit messier? This uniquely unscripted romantic series follows five women at different stages in their lives as they experience reimagined romance in the picturesque small town of Fairhope, Alabama, a tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone else’s business and matters of the heart matter most. In “Love in Fairhope,” real people star in a story inspired by their own where fantasy and reality collide.

Here’s a trailer for the show:

Here are some details on the episodes:

  • “Chapter One: New Beginnings” – Five women from four different generations are looking for love in Fairhope, Alabama. Abby returns home and re-connects with an old flame. Mya Jo discovers that a close friend has a new love interest. LaShoundra faces issues in her marriage.
  • “Chapter Two: Second Chances” – Abby confronts Trevor after the Magnolia Ball. A mistake from their past haunts LaShoundra and Kendall. After an icy introduction to Nick’s new girlfriend, Mya Jo is happily surprised to see an ex from her past.
  • “Chapter Three: The Road to Romance” – The road to romance continues to twist and turn as Abby vows to move on without Trevor…again. Mya Jo re-connects with Kirk. After losing her husband, Claiborne takes her first steps forward.
  •  “Chapter Four: Timing is Everything” – In love, timing is everything, and Abby quickly learns that when a new guy may have arrived at the wrong moment. Baylee questions Nick’s true feelings. Olivia and Tori look toward the future, but it may not have a clear path forward.
  • “Chapter Five: Love Lies” – A road trip with Britt leads Abby to make some important decisions. LaShoundra takes major steps forward in her post-divorce life. Nick struggles as Baylee sets boundaries on his friendship with Mya Jo.
  • “Chapter Six: Defining Moments” – LaShoundra’s dating life leads her to new realizations. Kirk makes Mya Jo an offer that she can’t refuse. Olivia and Tori face major decisions about family and the future.
  • “Chapter Seven: Breakups & Breakthroughs” – Abby’s moving forward on her own…until a new cowboy wanders into town. Baylee and Mya Jo finally confront one another about the unspoken truths. Olivia and Tori make a major decision.
  • “Chapter Eight: All You Need is Like” – Abby’s new relationship takes off, but a blast from the past makes her question the future. LaShoundra moves forward with a step backwards. Mya Jo must choose if life on the road with Kirk is what she truly wants.
  •  “Chapter Nine: The One About the One” – As the Magnolia Ball approaches, Abby preps for a major life event. Will her past get in the way? LaShoundra shocks her family and friends with new developments in her love life. Mya Jo’s on the move, but will a last-ditch effort keep her in Fairhope?

The show stars Claiborne Walsh, LaShoundra Young, Abby Mannich, Mya Jo Williams, and Olivia Ogletree.  Heather Graham is the narrator for the show, which is executive-produced by Reese Witherspoon, Sara Rea, Alex Baskin, Lauren Weber, Brian McCarthy, Joe Kingsley, Benton Bohannon and Barry Poznick.  “Love in Fairhope” is produced by Evolution Media, Hello Sunshine, and Tremont Road.

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