Disney has announced a new French documentary called “Lambert contre Lambert : au nom de Vincent”, aka “Lambert Against Lambert: In The Name Of Vincent”, which will be released on Disney+ on May 10th 2023, in many countries, including Canada and France. Expect this series to be also released internationally on Disney+ and most likely released on Hulu in the United States.

This documentary series recounts for the first time a thrilling affair with legal, medical, media and societal repercussions that captivated and upset French society for more than ten years.   On July 11, 2019, Vincent Lambert died at the Reims University Hospital. It is the epilogue of more than ten years of a family, medical, legal, political and media saga made of incredible twists until the day before his death.

“Lambert against Lambert: in the name of Vincent” traces the fierce fight of two women and two clans within a family, which will end up being invited to the highest authorities of the French State and will divide the country. A story with many repercussions in French society. The public authorities have moreover recently launched a vast national debate with a view to a law which could give rise to a new conception of the end of life.

Elodie Buzuel , author of the documentary and co-director with Vincent Trisolini (documentary maker and director) interviewed about thirty protagonists, families, doctors, lawyers, politicians and journalists.

Elodie Buzuel, author and co-director of the documentary, said in a statement (translated):

“I wanted to understand how and why the life of a young man sparked a national debate: how a family affair became an affair of state that embarrassed the law, advanced medicine and caused society to question. At the heart of this story, we certainly have a family that does not share the same convictions. All act in the name of Vincent, who is indeed the central character of this story. But he, who can no longer express himself, what would he have wanted? »

Pauline Dauvin, vice-president of The Walt Disney Company France, in charge of original Disney+ productions, added:

“In our documentaries, as in our fiction, we want to tell contemporary French stories that explain the past, shed light on the present and allow us to better envisage the future. We also favor never-before-treated French stories , which highlight emblematic characters. This documentary series around Vincent Lambert completely meets these criteria. By reading the project, I admit having rediscovered the innumerable upheavals of this affair, which goes beyond all fiction and conceals an incredible dramaturgy.

Julie Perris, Producer at Zadig Productions, added:

“This documentary series tells an intimate family story that will ultimately touch the heart of all French society, by questioning each of us about the end of life. Serial writing offers the time necessary for the fair expression of all points of view and helps support the dynamism of the narration. “

This series consists of four episodes, which are forty minutes in length. It has been produced by Zadig Productions.

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