Next summer, Pixar’s next big theatrical release, “Inside Out”, hits cinemas around the world, and it will take us back to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety shows up. And it looks like she’s not alone.

In the first film, the audience was teased with future instalments with the introduction of the puberty button, but now, we’re going to see what happens next as in the most recent issue of Empire Magazine, “Inside Out 2″ director Kelsey Mann said:

“My original thought was to pitch three ideas … I want to see that thing [the Puberty button] go off. I explored other ideas, but I kept coming back to that. Eventually, I just pitched that to Pete.”

And the introduction of puberty was something that just seemed too interesting not to explore:

“This is a gold mine for everything we love at Pixar … It’s got heart. It’s got emotion. It’s got humor. Puberty is hilarious, but it’s also a hard time in our lives. I want to say something meaningful about ourselves as humans, but told in an imaginative way.”

With puberty being such a stressful time in any person’s life, exploring it through the lens of emotional characters should lead to some exciting ideas.  It appeals to adults, who are going to be able to relate to that period in their lives, and also gives younger viewers an insight into what to expect from possibly one of the weirdest times of a person’s life.

“Inside Out 2” will star Amy Poehler as Joy, Phyllis Smith as Sadness, Lewis Black as Anger, Tony Hale as Fear, and Liza Lapira as Disgust.  And it will introduce Maya Hawke as Anxiety.  The film is being produced by Mark Nielsen.

The first “Inside Out” is available to stream now on Disney+.

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