Disney has announced a brand new Japanese series, “House Of The Owl,” which will be coming to Disney+ in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan, on April 24th, 2024. As with most international Star originals, expect this show to also be released on Disney+ globally and on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+.

The show tells the story of Ryutaro Ogami, also known as “The Owl,” a mastermind/fixer who has solved all kinds of scandals and sensational cases, sometimes by covering them up and sometimes by exposing them to the light.  Like a dark hero, Daishinryu stands for “justice” in a completely opposite way of life, contrary to his father, who repeatedly works behind the scenes to “correct his course. ‘

The son of the next prime ministerial candidate, who had close ties with the Ogami family, dies under mysterious circumstances, and Ryutaro approaches the true nature of the great evil lurking in the political world, with Ryutaro from behind the scenes and Ryu from the front. Money, fame, women, power… In a world filled with all kinds of greed, what is the shocking outcome each of them has reached? A series of deceptions, unpredictable developments…A political suspense on a grand scale is born here!

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This series stars Ryutaro Ogami, who will be played by Min Tanaka.  Also starring in the series is Mackenyu Arata, who will be playing the son.  With Hisako Manda playing the role of Kyoko, a wife who is a mother of four and supports her husband. Masanobu Ando plays the role of the eldest son Ichiro, a businessman who has admired his father’s power and presence since childhood, but always gets into trouble.

Kyoko Hasegawa plays the role of Yumiko, the eldest daughter of a housewife who is raising two children, and although she seems happy at first glance, she has various worries. Seinagi Nakata plays the role of Risako, the youngest daughter of the Ogami family and dreams of becoming a singer and artist.

Masatoshi Nakamura plays Soyaku Takeuchi, the secretary general of the Liberal Party and the leading candidate for the next prime minister, who was once an enemy of Ryutaro. Mieko Harada plays Shiori Watanabe, the Prime Minister who overcomes various scandals with the help of Ryutaro and dedicates herself to improving the country.

Kohei Otomo plays Sosuke Saijo, the finance minister who only thinks about himself and wants power as much as he wants toys. Toru Masuoka has been chosen to play the role of Hiro Maruyama, the eldest son of the Maruyama family, a prominent political family, but who is neither political nor ambitious and is often the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

And the show has been directed by Yoshitaka Mori (“Space Brothers”), Yuya Ishii (“Knitting a Ship”), Yusaku Matsumoto (“Winny”) .  It has been written by David Shin (“Toki Kakeru”) “Love”) .

The new series will debut on Disney+, with the first episodes on Wednesday, 24th April 2024, with episodes 6 to 7 arriving on Wednesday, May 1st, and the final three episodes to drop on Wednesday, May 8th.

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