Following the huge success of the FX limited series, “Shōgun”, which was the most-watched FX show globally on Hulu and Disney+, it looks like we might be getting a second season.

According to Deadline, Hiroyuki Sanada, has closed a deal to return as Lord Yoshii Toranaga.   The character is a powerful bushō from a feared lineage, Toranaga is lord of the expansive Kanto region. He is isolated and outnumbered by his enemies in Osaka Castle when the story begins. But little does anyone realize that Toranaga is a brilliant strategist and a master of the long game.

Hiroyuki Sanada is also an executive producer on the show and has previously starred in “Bullet Train”, “The Wolverine” and “Mortal Kombat”.

The original series is set in Japan in 1600, at the dawn of a century-defining civil war. Lord Yoshii Toranaga is fighting for his life as his enemies on the Council of Regents unite against him, when a mysterious European ship is found marooned in a nearby fishing village.

The series is based on James Clavell’s novel. However, a second season would be completely original, as while James Clavell did write some other books as part of his Asian Saga novel series, those books were set hundreds of years later, and sadly, James Clavell died thirty years ago.

Shōgun” is FX’s most expensive series to create so far and has taken six years to make.   With the strong critical and mainstream success of the series, it makes sense for Disney to try to capitalise on that success.  But it’s likely going to take a while to see a second season, should it get made.

The decision to make a second season of “Shōgun” may also have an impact on its upcoming awards nominations, as with a second season a possibility, it is likely the show could be moved from the limited series categories into the drama series categories, which might be easier to win, since there is so much competition right now within the limited series division.

While we wait, you can check out “Shōgun” on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ in the United States and on Disney+ around the world.

Roger’s POV:  I absolutely loved “Shōgun” and it is easily one of the best-limited series released so far on Disney+, though I’m a little sceptical about a second season, since it won’t have the original novel to base the story upon and that will likely have a dramatic impact on where the show can go on to.  But also, there’s the counterargument that any further adventures wouldn’t be limited to the events of the book either, giving more creative freedom to the creatives.

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