On Halloween eve, Dreamworks Animation has announced that it has renewed the animated series, “Fright Krewe” for a second season, which will be released on Hulu and Peacock in 2024, though no exact release date has been confirmed, but it’s likely to drop ahead of next year’s Halloween.

The series tells the story of Soleil Le Claire, a girl who LIVES for horror, accidentally broke a spell on the Tree of Life during detention in a graveyard and unleashed an ancient evil into this world. The spirit of Marie Laveau, voodoo queen of New Orleans, put her and four other kids in charge of saving the city from Belial, an ancient demon who feeds on fear. Luckily they’re not alone–each kid gets a special gift from voodoo spirits called Loa. Super strength is given to Missy, Maybe gets the ability to disappear into the realm of the dead, Pat can understand any language or creature, Stanley gets knowledge about anything he touches, and Soleil can summon fire. Later in the season, she develops air and water powers as well.

The ward they live in, the 13th and a Third, is known for fright tourism and Soleil’s always loved all the scary legends about her creepy little ward. So she’s beyond excited to find out the town’s biggest secret – that vampires, rougarous, ghosts, monsters and demons are in fact very real. The creatures have been secretly living amongst the humans for decades… but tensions between the rougarous and vampires have been high lately, and when Missy has to turn into a rougarou to survive a life-threatening injury, the kids can’t help but get mixed up in all of it. Our Krewe will have to hone their powers, figure out what Belial’s up to, keep the peace between vampires and the rougarous, AND figure out how to be a team because there’s no way they’d all hang out otherwise. But going up against local legends like the Feu Follet, swamp monsters, and demon hounds from the underworld is kind of a weird bonding experience, and our Krewe will realize there’s more to each other than they thought.

The series stars Sydney Mikayla as “Soleil”, Tim Johnson Jr. as “Maybe,” Grace Lu as “Missy,” Chester Rushing as “Stanley,” Terrence Little Gardenhigh as “Pat,” and Jacques Colimon as “Belial”. The series also stars Vanessa Hudgens as “Madison,” Josh Richards as “Nelson,” X Mayo as “Alma,” Rob Paulsen as “Lou Garou,” David Kaye as “Mayor Furst,” JoNell Kennedy as “Marie Laveau” and “Judy Le Claire,” Melanie Laurent as “Fiona Bunrady,” Chris Jai Alex as “Otis Bunrady,” Reggie Watkins as “Paulie,” Cherise Boothe as “Ayida Weddo” and “Ayizan,” Keston John as “Papa Legba” and “Ogoun,” Grey Delisle as “Judith Le Claire,” and Krizia Bajos as “Luciana Rodriguez”.

The show has been created Eli Roth and James Frey, who are executive producers, along with Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, Shane Acker, and Mitchell Smith.

Hulu and Peacock have been sharing many of Dreamwork Animation’s animated series, including “The Croods”, “Trolls: TrollsTopia”, “Madagascar: A Little Wild” and “Dragons: The Nine Realms” for years, as Comcast owns Dreamworks and also a third of Hulu. Though it’s unknown if this partnership will continue once Comcast’s stake in Hulu is sold back to Disney.

You can watch the first season of “Fright Krewe” on Hulu and Peacock now.

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