Following the huge success of the British game show, “The 1% Club”, not just in the UK, but also in Netherlands, Australia, Germany, France, Israel, Spain and Turkey, a North American version is also coming soon.

“The 1% Club” is a unique, compelling and funny entertainment show that tests the nation’s intelligence, based on a scientific survey. It’s a chance to test how your brain works through a series of questions that all have a right answer but can also lead to a series of entertaining wrong answers along the way. Whether you’re a contestant vying for the cash prize or a viewer playing with your friends and family on the app, answer enough questions correctly, and you could earn yourself a place in the 1% Club: an elite group of people who can honestly say they’ve outwitted 99% of the population.

Amazon Prime Video has announced that it will be releasing the new series in the United States and Canada, with Emmy and Grammy-winning stand-up comedian, actor, and writer Patton Oswalt hosting it.

It’s also been announced that this new game show will also be televised in the United States on the FOX linear channel, after its debuted on Amazon Prime Video.  This makes a huge shift from the typical system that FOX currently uses, which sees a new game show premiere on FOX, and then it’s released on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ the next day.

This new deal is in reverse, with streaming going first, followed by linear and it completely cuts Disney’s streaming services out, which is strange considering FOX has a multi-year deal for next day episodes with Disney and are also working together on their upcoming joint sports streaming service project.  Without a doubt, this new deal provides FOX with fresh content, but likely at a much lower cost than creating it themselves. It also marks a big shift for Amazon, who is also looking to make their streaming service more profitable.

“The 1% Club” was created by Dean Nabarro and Andy Auerbach at Magnum Media and distributed by BBC Studios, with the new North American version being produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions and Magnum Media.

Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD Originals, unscripted and targeted programming, Amazon MGM Studios, spoke about Patton joining the cast and the new deal with FOX.

“Patton exudes all attributes of an iconic host, and we are thrilled he has joined us for the first ever game show on Prime Video.  Patton’s distinct combination of warmth and wit made him the ideal person to bring this addictive format to life for North American Prime Video customers and Fox’s linear audience. In addition to our creative passion for the series, The 1% Club marks a strategic business growth opportunity, expanding our ad-friendly content portfolio and allowing us to explore unique dual premiere strategies. Thanks to FOX, BBC Studios, Patton, Andy, and Dean for being such great partners as we break new ground.”

Rob Wade, CEO of FOX Entertainment, added:

“FOX Entertainment is excited to partner with innovative companies and pedigree talent to deliver premium content like The 1% Club.  By teaming up with Amazon, we effectively showcase the complementary value of linear and streaming audiences through this differentiated launch strategy.”

Ryan O’Dowd, Executive Vice President, Entertainment & Music, BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions and The 1% Club Executive Producer for BBC Studios added:

“Patton is an absolute comedic force with an unrivaled ability to connect to audiences and contestants alike, and we are beyond thrilled to have him aboard hosting our U.S. series.  From the very beginning, the entire Amazon team has displayed a deep, unwavering passion for the creative heart of the show, a steadfast commitment, and a collaborative spirit that makes us incredibly excited about this new partnership. The opportunity to broadcast our series in an exclusive window on FOX makes this collective launch that much more undeniably powerful.”

“The 1% Club” for Prime Video is executive produced by Ryan O’Dowd and Krystal Whitney for BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions, which is led by General Manager Valerie Bruce; Dean Nabarro and Andy Auerbach for Magnum Media; and Amazon MGM Studios. Wes Kauble serves as the showrunner.

FOX’s Bento Box Entertainment studio has also worked with Amazon on the animated series “Hazbin Hotel”, where the show has premiered on Amazon Prime Video.  With animation being so popular on FOX, it’ll be interesting to see if this partnership develops more and how it’ll impact on Disney’s deal in the future, especially if FOX makes more deals like this, not just with Amazon but with other streaming services, as more cooperation between studios continues to grow following years of hoarding content for their own exclusive platforms. 

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