If you have been following along with my recent interviews, you will know that I am a big fan of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers! To get a deeper look into the making of the show, I reached out to Courtney Richter, who plays Lauren’s mom Christine Gibby on Game Changers. Through our conversation, I quickly learned that she is not only a great actress but simply a great person to get to know! Keep reading for my exclusive interview with Courtney Richter!

CORBAN: Hi Courtney, thanks for joining me to chat about The Mighty Ducks! How did you get started as an actress, and how did you become involved with The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers?

COURTNEY RICHTER: I always wanted to be an actor, and when I decided to finally give it a shot I auditioned and attended theatre school in Toronto, ON. I got an agent upon graduation and have been working or doing my best to work ever since.
I first got involved with MDGC when they were auditioning for the lead roles in the pilot. I originally auditioned for Stephanie, who is played by the extremely talented Julee Cerda. By the time I was actually cast, I had auditioned for four different roles on the show. I am so happy everything worked out and that I ended up playing Christine. She was so much fun to play.

CORBAN: You fit perfectly into your role as Christine, and your passion has been evident in each episode. Christine is featured heavily on the “Hockey Moms” episode of the series, where the parents get a chance to compete in a hockey skills challenge. What kind of prior experience did you have on the ice, and how did you get prepared for the physicality of that episode?

COURTNEY RICHTER: I was so excited when I read that we were going to be playing hockey in the episode. I actually grew up playing hockey in a minor girls’ league, but I hadn’t been back on the ice since I was a teenager. The other Hockey moms and I had a couple of skating practices at the Ice Palace before shooting with the show’s hockey coordinator Dave Tomlinson. I spent a good amount of that time trying to get my wrist shot back to a passable level for the target shooting montage. I did manage to hit one target while actually filming the shot, but the high top-corner shot was definitely not me lol.

CORBAN: Well, you fooled me – you looked like a natural out there! I am excited to see more of your character as we get closer to the end of Season 1. What can audiences expect as The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers gets ready to wrap up its final episodes over the next few weeks? Will Christine be back in the picture for the last few episodes?

COURTNEY RICHTER: While I can’t give any details, I can say that it is all building towards an exciting season finale for the Don’t Bothers, and yes Christine and the other moms will be back 🙂 I love this show and would be a fan even if I wasn’t a part of it. It is a truly wholesome, excellent show, and you can expect that to continue for its final episodes of the season.

CORBAN: I am looking forward to what is next for the Don’t Bothers! Other than Game Changers, do you have a favorite Disney+ original, and why?

COURTNEY RICHTER: I am a huge Disney fan and have two young children of my own, so Disney + is a big favourite in my house. My personal favourite Disney+ program is The Imagineering Story. I loved learning all about the magic of Imagineering. I also love WandaVision. I will go as far as to say in my opinion it is a perfect television series in every way.

CORBAN: The Imagineering Story is by far my favorite Disney+ original, so great minds think alike! I also love the innovative stories that Marvel is telling through shows like WandaVision, and I am excited for what the rest of 2021 may bring. We have talked a lot about Disney, but you have also worked on a variety of acclaimed shows over the years, including Bates Motel, Supernatural, and Altered Carbon. What lessons have you picked up from working on shows like these, and what are your personal acting goals?

COURTNEY RICHTER: These are difficult questions to answer in short form, but I will try. I think the biggest lesson or at least the one I have drawn on the most was taught to me by a great acting coach of mine Matthew Harrison. Which is “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity “. So always be prepared. As for future acting goals, I want to continue to work with wonderful actors and crews telling stories. My dream job would be a show like “The Office”.

The cast on MDGC was so great to work with. I walked around all day with a huge smile on my face and left with my sides hurting from laughing between takes. I love my job, I love being an actor, but what makes it really special for me is when I work with good, kind people. MDGC had that.

CORBAN: The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is always joyful and fun, and the amazing cast help to portray that inviting sense of kindness. As Mighty Ducks gets ready to close the doors on Season 1, do you have any future projects in the works, and where can our readers find you?

COURNTEY RICHTER: I just finished playing a mom on another kids show called Are You Afraid of The Dark, and I am now working on the finale season of Supergirl. Instagram is where I post about all of my current and future projects. It’s the main platform I use because I am not hip enough to tackle tiktok…not hip enough yet anyway.

CORBAN: I am excited to check out your other shows – I am always looking for great TV to watch! Thanks for chatting about The Mighty Ducks and sharing some great lessons from your acting experiences. I cannot wait to see your name on even more projects in the future!

And, to the reader, you can watch The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+ to prepare for the season 1 finale on May 28.

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