To tie in with the release of the second season of Disney’s “Launchpad”, Walt Disney Records has released the soundtrack to each of the six shorts on digital platforms including Spotify, Amazon and Apple.

Disney’s “Launchpad” Season 2 is a collection of live-action shorts from a new generation of dynamic filmmakers. This season showcases six writers, five directors and one writer-director from underrepresented backgrounds who were given the opportunity to share their perspectives and creative visions. Continuing the goal of Disney’s first season of “Launchpad,” which was to diversify the types of stories that are being told by giving access to those who historically have not had it, “Launchpad” Season 2 is proud to present six new shorts for Disney+ based on the theme of “connection.”

Here are the tracklistings for each album:

The Ghost

The album features music by Jessica Rae Huber (2 Wrongs)

1. Strange Things (1:09)
2. Appa Disappears (0:32)
3. Eomma Disappears (0:54)
4. Two Sisters and the Truth (1:52)
5. The Choice (1:17)
6. Family Hostages (1:56)
7. It Can Be Okay (2:30)
8. I Wanna Know (0:46)
9. Giving Up the Ghost (1:44)

Beautiful, Fl

The album features original music by René G. Boscio (Emergency, The Watchful Eye, The Time Capsule)

1. Ice Cream Scooper Star (0:46)
2. Remembering Tía (0:30)
3. Traveling to Mel’s (0:38)
4. Cooking Montage (0:53)
5. Flour Fight (1:08)
6. Dairy Derby (0:50)
7. Caribbean Confection (1:04)
8. Un Chin (0:56)

Black Belts

The album features music by Ambrose Akinmusire (Blindspotting)

1. Father As Son (2:11)
2. KJ’s Raiden Walk (0:48)
3. Kung Fu Compton (0:55)
4. Son As Father (1:51)
5. Tigers Claw Dojo (0:33)
6. Ogun Squabble (1:59)
7. Brickdrop Mashup (2:09)

The Roof

The album features music by Mato Wayuhi (Reservation Dogs, War Pony)

1. If I Fall, I Fall (1:22)
2. The Roof Suite (2:26)

Project CC

The album features music by EmmoLei Sankofa (The Other Black Girl, Step Up, Three Ways)

1. Slumber Party (0:50)
2. Project CC (1:10)
3. Daddy’s Girl (0:43)
4. In the Lab (1:49)
5. Quintuplets (2:17)
6. The Real CC (2:36)
7. CC’s Message (1:36)
8. Jerome CC Out (3:04)


The album features music by Carla Patullo (Porno, Lotte That Silhouette Girl)

1. Superstitions (1:37)
2. Ghost Chairs (1:08)
3. Sorry I Can Wait (0:34)
4. Family Chairs (1:34)
5. I Waited Too Long (1:16)
6. Egg Tofu (0:47)
7. Maya My GF (2:14)
8. Maxine (End Credits) (2:36)

Both seasons of “Launchpad” are available to stream now on Disney+.

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