In March, just days before Disney+ was set to launch in the UK and across Europe, the Coronavirus had begun to take hold and the European Union was worried the internet infrastructure wouldn’t be able to cope with millions of people being forced to stay at home.  Resulting in streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Disney+ being asked to reduce the amount of High Definition content that could be available.

Disney announced that they had “instituted measures to lower bandwidth utilization, and in some circumstances streaming content in HD and UHD formats, including Dolby Atmos audio, will be limited or unavailable.”

Now as the Coronavirus situation across Europe begins to slow down and people return to some form of normality, today, Disney+ has resumed its offering of content in 4K, HDR and Atmos.  Netflix also recently removed its restrictions for higher quality content.

This means many of the latest movies on Disney+ will look far superior on a device which can support these formats and it’s just in time for the latest release, Frozen 2 and Hamilton, which will be coming to Disney+ this Friday.

Will you be watching Disney+ in 4K now?


Source – Forbes

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  1. Disney+ Shambles June 30, 2020

    If only Disney+ UK had started streaming in 4K and HD (don't forget that they also downgraded 1080p to 720p which isn't technically HD). It's now been 24 hours, it's currently 4pm on 30th June, and for the overwhelming majority 4K and full HD is still not available. Those that are getting 4K sporadically are reporting that as soon as you pause any 4K film it reverts back to 1440p (4K is 2160p). Hopefully, Disney+ UK pulls their finger out and gets this all sorted. The service they have provided to the UK since launch has been less than impressive.

  2. Ingeborg Tande Johnsen July 1, 2020


  3. mr perfect July 1, 2020

    atmos is still not working in canada....yet usa never lost it