An upcoming Disney+ Original series, “The Good Mothers”, is currently being shown at the Berlin Film Festival , where is it is competing in the inaugural Berlinale Series Award, with six other shows.

This new Italian series, “The Good Mothers”, offers a unique twist on the crime genre: this is the mafia seen entirely from the women’s perspectives.  The series depicts the Calabrian mob through the prism of three daring women inside the ‘Ndrangheta organized crime clan who collaborated with a female prosecutor and withstood the consequences of their attempt to escape its iron grip.

It has been executive produced by Juliette Howell and Tessa Ross for House Productions (Brexit: The Uncivil War) and Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, written by BAFTA Award-winning Stephen Butchard (Baghdad Central), and is based on the gripping book by Foreign Press Association award-winning journalist Alex Perry.

The show stars Gaia Girace (“My Brilliant Friend”); Valentina Bellè (“Catch-22”, “Medici”); Barbara Chichiarelli (“Suburra – The series”, “Bad Tales”); Francesco Colella (“ZeroZeroZero”, “Trust”); Simona Distefano (“The Traitor”); Andrea Dodero (“Thou Shalt Not Hate”); and Micaela Ramazzotti (“Like Crazy”, “The First Beautiful Thing”).

Juliette Howell, told Variety at the festival, that characters

“Feel like real, sentient, relatable women who have had an utterly understandable desire to break the cycle of violence and corruption that was going to repeat itself and blight the lives of the next generation,”

Wildside chief Mario Gianani explained that they had been given a mandate from Disney to be “very bold, first of all in deciding to make it an Italian product, and then in saying: “let’s totally root it in its proper context.”

“We had the screenplays written by Stephen Butchard. But we helped him find the right language and also the way in which people in Calabria talk; the gestures they make,” he adds. So the first step was working with Butchard on these details in the writing.”

The series consists of six episodes, and it was originally going to be made in English, but Disney decided it would be more authentic in Italian.  Howell explained:

“But then we all agreed that we should make it in Italian.”

“The Good Mothers” will be released soon on Disney+ around the world and on Hulu in the United States.

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