Last year the Walt Disney Company finalised it’s purchase of 21st Century Fox, which included 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, 20th Century Fox TV, National Geographic, Blue Sky Studios and more. Leaving “Fox Entertainment” behind for the Murdock family to run, which included Fox News and the Fox channel as a new company.

And now, Disney is set to start removing the “Fox” branding from its film studios.  Yesterday the 20th Century Fox film division updated their emails to end with @20thCenturyStudios.

This will result in “20th Century Fox” becoming “20th Century Studios”, which will include all the major wide release movies such as “Free Guy” and “Call of the Wild”, which will be the first movie to be released under the name.   The opening fanfare and logo will remain the same, just without the word “Fox”.

While “Fox Searchlight” will become “Searchlight”, which will focus on smaller speciality movies.

The main reason for the name change is to avoid confusion with the “Fox Entertainment” brands, though Disney can legally use the Fox name.  And keeping their brand away from the issues being named “Fox” brings to their family brand.

It’s not yet clear if or when the TV division will also be renamed as well.

What do you think of Disney dropping the “Fox” branding?


Source – Variety

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  1. Tim Adelin April 4, 2020

    Hoping that more Fox programs will be shown on Disney plus