Since Disney+ launched, Disney has been running an active promotion for its bundle of streaming services, including ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu (with ads) for just $12.99 a month. But it has made it more difficult to take out a bundle with a different Hulu package. Unlike ESPN+ and Disney+, Hulu has a few different options including an ad free version and one deluxe package with Live TV.

Now you can get which ever bundle you would like and also upgrade your Hulu subscription to the bundle

Here are the different plans available:

Plan name Hulu only monthly price Disney+ Bundle monthly price
Hulu (with Ads) $5.99 $12.99
Hulu (No Ads) $11.99 $18.99
Hulu + Live TV $54.99 $61.99
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV $60.99 $67.99

These bundles basically work out at $7 a month more, if you take out the bundle to get ESPN+ and Disney+ added to your package.  Considering Disney+ is $6.99 a month and ESPN+ is $4.99 a month, taking out the bundle is basically like getting ESPN+ for free.

Having the ability to mix and match the Hulu plan of your choosing is going to be a big help to all customers.  If you want the cheapest option, its there, or if you want the full mega package without ads and Live TV, its there for you.

If you wish to upgrade, you will need to do so via the desktop browser .  If you already have a Disney+ or ESPN+ subscription, you are only eligible to purchase the Bundle from Disney+. If you attempt to subscribe to the Bundle through Hulu using an e-mail address associated with an existing Disney+ or ESPN+ subscription, you will need to return to Disney+ to complete your Bundle purchase. If you have an other queries about upgrading, you’ll need to contact Hulu or Disney+ customer support to assist you.

You can upgrade or take out a new bundle by clicking here

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