We are back with another Disney+ battle. This week I will be comparing two films from the Walt Disney Animation Studios; the Wartime Era film, “The Three Caballeros,” and the Post-Renaissance Era film, “Home on the Range.” There is a 60 year gap between these two films, so it could be very interesting to see how a film from 1944 stacks up against a film from 2004. Let’s see who wins between “The Three Caballeros” and “Home on the Range.”


The protagonists of “The Three Caballeros” are the three birds who make up the caballeros; Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. This film is made up of several shorts put together to make a feature length film. While these three aren’t in every short, they are in the most, and at least, drive the story a little bit. Meanwhile, the protagonists of “Home on the Range” are the three cows who are trying to save their farm; Maggie, Grace and Ms. Calloway. While they aren’t as memorable characters as Donald Duck as characters, they do drive the entire narrative. So which is better? Both trios are integral to the success of their movies, but the three caballeros are more memorable than the three cows. Point to “The Three Caballeros.”

The Three Caballeros 1 | Home on the Range 0


There’s no true antagonist in “The Three Caballeros.” It has no real villain. Meanwhile, the antagonist of “Home on the Range” is the evil cattle rustler, Alameida Slim. His plan is to steal all of the cows from farms, sell them off and then use the money to buy the farms himself. By default, this point has to go to “Home on the Range.”

The Three Caballeros 1 | Home on the Range 1


“The Three Caballeros” works in some live action appearances, but in the end, doesn’t have too many supporting characters. “Home on the Range” has a bounty hunter, a buffalo, several horses, three nephews of the villain, a jackrabbit, a goat and some pigs. Few of them standout, but they are there. Once again, “Home on the Range” gets the point by default.

The Three Caballeros 1 | Home on the Range 2


“The Three Caballeros” features some of the top Latin music of the 1940s. While this may not seem all that memorable today, it’s catchy and fits its era very well. “Home on the Range” has some nice western music that fit the theme. Only one song in either movie is memorable and that’s “The Three Caballeros” song sung by Donald, Jose and Panchito. This is another win by default, but this one goes to “The Three Caballeros.”

The Three Caballeros 2 | Home on the Range 2


The memorable moments in “The Three Caballeros,” at least to me, are when Donald is trying to get a kiss from some of the Latin American women and kissing Jose while blindfolded instead, Donald, Jose and Panchito singing “The Three Caballeros” song and Panchito showing Donald and Jose around Mexico City. The memorable moments in “Home on the Range,” to me, are Ms. Calloway charging at Maggie for stealing her hat and Buck the horse attacking Rico the bounty hunter after it’s revealed Rico is working with the villain. Neither stands out much, but “The Three Caballeros” wins this category 3 to 2 to earn the point.

The Three Caballeros 3 | Home on the Range 2

“The Three Caballeros” wins this battle 3-to 2. I’m surprised this one was this close, because I watched “Home on the Range” for the first time recently and it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. It’s no surprise to me that it’s only two categories wins were by default. But, have you seen both of these movies? Which one did you think was better?

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Jeremy Brown

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