After multiple live-action adaptations of the popular book series, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”, Disney rebooted the franchise with a new animated version of the first book last year and this year, we’ve got an adaptation of the second book, “Rodrick Rules”.

This second film sees Greg trying desperately to spend time with his older brother, Rodrick, who is a spikey-haired high school student, he is also lazy and undisciplined and spends way too much time practising with his rock band, Löded Diper. Greg is like any stereotypical teenager.  And while Rodrick loves to torment Greg, he ultimately has a deep affection for his younger brother and does help out when he needs to.

Being an older brother myself, I did enjoy seeing this unique relationship of love and hate between brothers being explored.   How one minute brothers can be bitter enemies but also the strongest of allies when needed.    This film also sees the legendary Ed Asner provide the voice of Greg Heffley’s grandfather, which is a nice touch, especially as there is a touching moment between them.

If you enjoyed the first film, you’re going to enjoy the second film.  The animation style is identical to the first one, which is also based on the art style from the book series.   I personally enjoyed this movie more than the first for a number of reasons.  The story is simplier but more realistic, as most people can relate to the issues of sibiling rivary, plus in the first film, it felt like a random assortment of stories thrown together, while this second film is more connected.

Younger viewers will no doubt enjoy the film and I think these short animated films are a great way of telling these popular stories to a larger audience and in a different medium.   This film showcases why animated movies don’t necessarily always have to be big epic adventures on the big screen.   Hopefully, this second film continues the success for the franchise and further books are given an animated adaptation.

“Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules” is another great addition to Disney+ for younger audiences, as with it coming in at just over an hour long, its a easy watch for the whole family.  It’s not going to blow you away, but it’s pretty fun and a must watch for fans of the series.

Rating – 3.5 out of 5.

“Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 2nd December 2022.

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Roger Palmer

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