Recently, Disney released the second season of the Disney+ Original series “Diary Of A Future President”, which continues the origin story of Cuban American and future leader Elena Cañero-Reed as she enters the seventh grade. Told using the narration of excerpts from Elena’s diary, this coming-of-age series and family comedy follows Elena through the ups and downs of middle school which set her on the path to becoming the president of the United States. In the series, Charlie Bushnell plays Elena’s brother Bobby, who has his own interesting story about coming to terms with your own sexuality and how to tell those closest to you.

I recently got to ask Charlie Bushnell some questions about making the second season of the show, including about how the LGBTQ+ community supported him and if he would like to return for a third season.

What was the reaction like to the first season being released?

It’s been amazing! The amount of positive feedback we’ve received has been incredible. We love seeing all the messages, fan art, and edits! Shout out to our incredibly talented and creative fans! We you! And it’s so dope that we get to continue the story.


After that fantastic scene in the mirror where Bobby realized he was gay, how did the LGBTQ+ community support you?

I feel so honored that I get to play this character. The love and support I have received from the LGBTQ+ community from all over the world has been incredible and humbling. I’ve received messages from people sharing their stories with me and telling me how much they see themselves in Bobby… with some even saying that the mirror scene gave them courage and inspired them to come out. The connection I’ve felt with people has been the best part.

How was filming the second season compared to the first?

Aside from the fact that we filmed at the height of the pandemic, with very strict COVID protocols, we still had an absolute blast. For me personally, with season 1 under my belt and a deeper understanding of my character, I felt a lot more confident and experienced heading into season 2!


How excited are you for the release of the second season of Diary Of A Future President?

Words can’t describe how excited I am for Season 2 to come out! Everyone poured their hearts and souls into this season, and we’re really proud of how it turned out. Go, team Diary!

Without any spoilers, what should Bobby fans be looking forward to in the second season?

Well, Bobby’s in high school now, and with that obviously comes a lot of changes. He enters high school with very high expectations and is excited to see his friends again and get closer to Liam. However, things don’t exactly work out the way he had hoped they would, and you get to see how he navigates that. Bobby also meets a lot of really cool new people and gets pretty close to one of them in particular. On another note, Bobby has some really sweet moments with his family this season, and he definitely learns to use his voice and express his feelings. He doesn’t only say “chill” – haha.

Would you like to return for a potential third season of the show?

YES! Absolutely! We would love to return for a third season and continue to dive into these awesome characters and tell these important stories! Some of my most favorite people work on this show, and we all get along so well. If Disney+ called and said, “Hey, you guys got a season 3, and you start filming tomorrow”, I’d be SO down!

If you could appear in any other Disney-owned franchise? What would it be?

Marvel 100%! I’ve seen all the movies like a million times, and I would LOVE to be a part of the MCU one day! Definitely a dream of mine. So uhhh… hey Marvel

And finally, what’s been your favorite Disney+ Original so far?

Ooohh that’s a tough one! There are so many good Disney+ originals. I’m a huge Star Wars and Marvel fan. It’s hard to choose between the two, but I think I’d have to go with The Mandalorian! This is the way…

Thanks once again, Charlie for taking the time out of your day to chat with What’s On Disney Plus, and good luck with the second season of DiaryOf A Future President.

Thank you so much for having me!


Both seasons of “Diary Of A Future President” are available on Disney+ right now.

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