The world of TV and movies continues to evolve as streaming services become more and more important.  With major companies like Disney, Comcast and Netflix are all trying to grab as much content as possible.

Following the delay of its flagship title James Bond’s “No Time To Die”, due to the Coronavirus closing cinemas around the world and the overall outlook for movie studios, according to the Wall Street Journal, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) is apparently up for sale and is currently looking for buyers.  The studio is currently valued at $5.5 billion, including its debts.    There are also reports of private equity firms looking to purchase MGM to take advantage of the demand for content.

MGM has a huge library of back catalogue content, with 4,000 titles such as “Rocky”, “Robocop”, “James Bond” and many more.  Plus it has over 17,000 hours of television programming, such as “Fargo”, “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Vikings.”

This back catalogue is extremely valuable to streaming services. It would instantly be a boost for Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, WarnerMedia or Disney to gain control over these titles and IP, which will undoubtedly start a bidding war between the companies over this valuable studio.

Disney might be interested in adding more studio capacity to boost Hulu and Disney+; however, the company has spent on acquiring 20th Century Fox and the huge dent in the books for the theme parks, cruise line and box office shut down.  Disney might not be the best position to purchase MGM.

The Walt Disney Company has made some major purchases including buying Marvel for $4 billion, Lucasfilm for $4 billion, Pixar for $7.4 billion and $71 billion for 20th Century Fox.  So $5 billion for MGM wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

If Disney was to purchase MGM, it would be a huge boost to both Hulu and Disney+, but is Disney in the right place to take advantage?

Would you like to see Disney purchase MGM?


Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Twitter: Facebook:

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  1. Dylan December 23, 2020

    After hearing this news i was thinking the same thing, and your right if Disney buys MGM it would be a huge boost to both Disney+ and Hulu but let's not forget Disney and MGM already have a history with each other. Lets go back to the year 1989, during that year Disney opened their Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World in Florida back then before it was renamed in 2008 it was named Disney-MGM Studios since they shared the name of the theme park before Disney took full control over it. If Disney were to buy MGM not only would they get their content for streaming for Disney+ and Hulu but this could lead to Disney possibly renaming Disney's Hollywood Studios back to its old name and move forward for both of the companies futures (if they were to buy them).

  2. Paul December 23, 2020

    Hell no WarnerMedia/AT&T is far more deserving of MGM than Disney

  3. Orion Logan December 23, 2020


  4. Paul December 23, 2020

    Hell no Warnermedia/ AT&T is a much better option for MGM than Disney for 5 reasons 1. Warnermedia’s Turner Entertainment owns every tv show, movie and cartoon MGM has made before May 1986 2. Warner Bros has worked with MGM multiple times on many films 3. Warner Bros owns every Pre October 1982 Orion Pictures films, while MGM owns every Orion Pictures film after that 4. Warnermedia owns Castle Rock and MGM owns every pre 1994 Castle Rock film 5. MGM's current Home Media distributor of catalog titles is Warner Bros Home Entertainment

    1. Clyde January 1, 2021

      Plus Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer owns the distribution rights to 3 Warner Bros. movies from smaller movie studios the company had acquired which are Moby Dick (1956) via the acquisition United Artists, Sayonara (1957) via The Samuel Goldwyn Company, and Zelig (1983) via the acquisition of Orion Pictures. Also to be fair not every Pre May 1986 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer tv show is owned by Warnermedia the 1960s Flipper tv Show created by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer television is owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer itself thanks to the acquisition of The Samuel Goldwyn Company

      1. David Brown January 2, 2021

        The most valuable MGM pieces are as follows. 1: James Bond ( including Warner’s Never Say Never Again). 2: Rocky/Creed. 3: Pink Panther ( including cartoon). 4: Late 50’s early 60’s UA films ( Man With No Name Trilogy, Magnificent 7, Hecht-Lancaster-Hill films, Stanley Kramer films etc). As far as Warner’s is concerned, , I am sure that Warner would like Zelig, Moby Dick and Sayonara back ( plus The Hobbit and Max which they both own), and I would also note they own the later Bowery Boys/East Side Kids films, and MGM owns the earlier Bowery Boys/East Side Kids pictures so I am sure they would like them, as well. I would also note Warners owns some of the better Cannon film library pieces ( Bloodsport, Cobra, Street Smart and Surrender to name a few), so I am sure they would like the rest of the good ones like Runaway Train, Missing In Action and Murphy’s Law to name a few. I could see Warner buying MGM and selling off the least desirable catalog pieces ( the non-Corman AIP films, B-Westerns, Orion/Nelson ( keeping Robocop and Bill and Ted), and the majority of the Cannon library).

        1. Clyde January 3, 2021

          Actually David Brown the reason I didn’t mention The Hobbit trilogy is because I believe Warner Bros. actually owns the distribution rights to those films not MGM

          1. Clyde January 3, 2021

            Same thing with Max although MGM owns the sequel

          2. David Brown January 6, 2021

            You are correct about The Hobbit and Max. I still think Warner will end up with at least a piece of MGM, The longer this goes on the more likely it will be Warner’s instead of say Apple or Amazon. Why? It I was a tech company, and I am paying billions for MGM I would certainly want the upcoming Bond film . Warner’s as is their history, wants the back catalogue more then anything. For example: They spent over half a century in pursuit of the Adventures of Superman TV series until they finally got ownership of it. They also acquired the Goldwyn films of the 30’s and 40’s primarily because most were distributed thru RKO ( like Ball Of Fire), and they own the RKO catalogue.

        2. Clyde January 24, 2021

          Oh and the Candyman franchise owned by MGM would also be perfect for Universal Pictures

  5. Jarod Thomas Mighty December 24, 2020

    Yes. and 2) here's the truth: it was 49 years ago back in 1971 January the 14th, It was announced that MGM was originally to merge with 20th Century Fox and then 46 years later disney would have both of them in 2017 to 2019. but unfortunately the plan never came to fruition and it was aborted. so fox decided to be acquired by disney alone. but thats why i need to see disney have MGM for Real!

  6. David F December 24, 2020

    Yes. They have a history together, and 20th Century (Fox) Studios as well. They would be a perfect compliment to each other content wise. Hope they can do this!!

  7. ScionStorm December 24, 2020

    Disney major shareholders are probably wetting themselves with frustration that the $71B on Fox and the Pandemic less than a year later leaves them strapped for cash as one of the juiciest companies worth of classic content puts up a For Sale sign.

  8. Paul December 24, 2020

    No Warnermedia/AT&T is a much better option for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer than Disney for 5 reasons 1. Warnermedia’s Turner Entertainment owns a majority of the pre-May 1986 tv shows, movies, and cartoons 2. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has made films with Warner Bros 3. Warner Bros owns all the pre-October 1982 films while Metro-Goldwyn-Maher owns the company itself and it's post-October 1982 films 4. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer owns all the pre-1994 Castle Rock Entertainment films while Warner Bros owns the company itself and it's post-1994 films 5. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s home media catalogue is currently distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, which already owns and distributes the studio's pre-May 1986 library through their ownership of Turner Entertainment Co..

  9. Ck December 24, 2020

    Absolutely they should!!

    1. Bob January 3, 2021

      Wow it’s like you hardcore Disney people want the company to become a monopoly

  10. Jamie December 24, 2020

    If MGM hadn’t already sold the rights to things like Wizard Of Oz and Tom and Jerry to Warner Brothers, I could see Disney going for this.

    1. Clyde January 3, 2021

      Actually Ted Turner bought the company itself, but only kept it for 74 days due to the enormous debt he had. Turner kept the pre-May 1986 film, tv show, and cartoon library (including Tom & Jerry, and The Wizard of Oz) which is currently distributed by Warner Bros.

  11. Dustin Pappalardo December 24, 2020

    I actually think it could be Comcast; they're already a distribution parter for MGM on the Bond films, they need content for Peacock, and could borrow the cash to pay for MGM and get it back when Disney buys them out of Hulu in 2024 for the minimum agreed to price of $5.8 billion. Netflix,Apple, or Amazon may be good fits too, or a reunion if sorts with Sony.

  12. Jim December 24, 2020

    My guess is Apple and Amazon will start a bidding war and one of those two services will pick up MGM.

  13. Ernesto Chacon December 25, 2020

    I don't know if Disney should buy MGM. After the 21st Century Fox acquisition and the changes, they made on the studio following it's acquisition from the project cancellations and shutting down some divisions I think Disney is satisfied with what they have. Plus, they are struggling from their theme parks, cruise line and box office shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic. I'd rather have Comcast/NBCUniversal or WarnerMedia making the acquisition on MGM.

    1. Alan Wilcox December 26, 2020

      so do I have been predicting Warner Media buying MGM since November 2015 the past 5 years and 1 month

      1. Clyde January 19, 2021

        Me three those 2 along with Netflix are the only companies I’m fine with buying MGM

        1. Clyde January 19, 2021

          Mainly WarnerMedia for a variety of reasons.

  14. Josh December 25, 2020

    It wouldn't pass monopolizion my guess is that ViacomCBS or Comcast will be the buyers as painful as those words are

  15. Paul December 25, 2020

    No Warnermedia should

  16. Alan Wilcox December 26, 2020

    NO, I would be totally pissed off if Disney bought MGM they are already too big for their britches and with their recently completed merger with 20th Century studios they cannot afford to make another acquisition so soon they are going to need to wait another decade to pay off their debts and refinancing from Fox before deciding to make another studio acquisition and the only movie studio that should buy MGM is Warner Media to reunite MGM with its entire film and tv library and fulfill Ted Turners wishes plus improve make MGM be Warner's studio sister as they were meant to be together and i have been predicting Warner Media buying MGM for the past 5 years and i have found lots of small subtle clues to provide evidence to indicate a potential eventual merger

    1. Clyde January 3, 2021

      I actually agree with you Alan. Disney is perfectly fine without MGM.

  17. NickD December 30, 2020

    The Sale Must Include Bond There is no way Disney will buy MGM. They won’t want Bond or want MGM without that. Universal and Paramount aren’t players in this drama. There are only two players: Apple and WB. WB’s owners are looking to cut costs so I think it only leaves apple. They will want to buy MGM completely and that will include Bond. The Bond owners have helped exacerbate this problem by refusing Bond to go to digital and to cut losses, losses that have been under estimated. The cost is roughly $1 million dollars a week and insiders reckon Bond will need approximately $100 million knocked off its box office haul. The film was estimated to need to make $400 million to break even. So knock $100 million off that Bond doesn’t look too healthy. The World has moved on from Bond, how much more so in a post pandemic world. The irony of Apple maybe owning Bond won’t be lost on film buffs or tech watchers. Sadly the major problem for MGM is they aren’t in control of their crown jewel that is Bond. Who will want to buy content without the most important part of that? Will the Bond owners realise that they’re not just in the 21st Century and in a post pandemic, digital age. Myself, I could see Netflix wanting to buy MGM for Bond or apple. Either way they’ll haggle the price right down and like WB with Wonder Woman ’84, they’ll wish they’d stuck to their original plans.

  18. Joseph W Brown December 30, 2020

    MGM doesn't really have a lot that Disney would want. I don't see the point of Disney buying all of MGM just to get the production rights to James Bond and the animated movies when they could simply buy the rights to the animated movies and to get James Bond they would have to buy Eon Productions anyway because they own that IP otherwise the production rights would be of limited value. Not only that, Disney is still in the process of integrating all the assets they just acquired in the 20th Century Fox deal. Additionally, Hasbro has a lot more to offer and if Disney waits a few years to integrate Fox, it will be in a better position to buy Hasbro. Plus, by waiting, Hasbro may make another acquisition which would add to their value.

  19. David Brown January 2, 2021

    If Apple or Amazon want MGM they could buy them easily, but that has not been their way of operating. So I will predict no to them. Who do I predict? Warner ( at a discount). Why? 1: Most of MGM’s movies ( United Artists, Orion, Cannon) are older and they can use them for TCM, because going forward they might lose the rights to show Fox and Universal movies ( including Pre-1948 Paramount titles which they own). 2: There is a clear interest ( based on Warner getting the home video rights). 3: it will allow them to make James Bond films, Remember they were the studio that did Never Say Never Again. 4: MGM owns Epix and they have rights to Paramount and Lionsgate films. They could easily shift those over to HBO and of course HBO Max. 5:,Warner and MGM work well together: Creed, Max and The Hobbit for example.

    1. Clyde January 7, 2021

      Although I also wouldn’t mind Comcast buying MGM, WarnerMedia should be their number one option because it’s like they’re just meant to be together, and also WarnerMedia acquiring more companies such as Turner, and Lorimar-Telepictures, as well as merging with Time Magazine before Time spun off in 2014 is why they have the most diverse film and tv catalog of any entertainment.

      1. Clyde January 7, 2021

        I forgot to type company but everyone should get the point

        1. Bob January 7, 2021

          Oh by the way Clyde and David Brown their parent company AT&T is currently in debt, so that might be a problem, but even I think it’s a better option because of the reasons you guys, and paul stated , as well as MGM having more mature content I mean think about it Disney is for the most part interested in not only family friendly content, but also franchises rather than originality

          1. David Brown January 9, 2021

            When it comes to Disney content is not really the issue (see Deadpool for example), What it really Is about is they have little room or desire for older films ( especially on Disney Plus ( notice you never see films like Moon Pilot or Island At The Top Of The Workd there)’, but even on Hulu), and since most of the MGM library is older, it has little appeal to Disney ( notice that they declined to keep the Fox distribution pact with MGM)).,By the way, even Universal has taken most of the classics off of Peacock. By process of elimination I go back to Warner Bros. They now control that distribution pact and they can use the films for TCM. One other possibility is MGM sells domestic Bond rights to Universal ( Universal has the international rights), and the non-Bond films to Warner.

  20. Bob January 13, 2021

    By the way before everyone post a comment saying oh you hate Disney and you want them to fail, I just want say that no I don’t hate Disney In fact I like Disney and everything their doing recently, (except for the crappy live action remakes, the woke Star Wars episodes 8 and 9, and a few other awful Disney films) nor do I want the company to fail I just don’t want them to become a monopoly, and I don’t support monopolies. I’m also fully that Deadpool 3 will be rated R, (thank god for that) but aside from Deadpool 3 a majority their stuff will be Rated G, PG, or PG-13 because the last Rated R movie Disney made before buying most of 21st Century Fox’s assets was 2013s disastrous The Fifth Estate. The only MGM IPs Disney will care about is Bond, (which MGM does not own 100%) and maybe Pink Panther. By the way WarnerMedia is not even my number 1 option, as they don’t really need MGM, as well as their parent company AT&T being in debt, although their my 3rd option my main 2 options are Amazon, and Lionsgate they need the company more than the others.

    1. Bob January 13, 2021

      I’m not mentioning Apple as their streaming services suck and should just stick to selling phones, tablets, computers, etc.

      1. Bob January 13, 2021

        Also David Brown Disney Plus has a lot of classic films and a few classic tv shows from the golden age of hollywood, and is a good streaming service. I’m just saying Disney is 100% fine without MGM and has a ton of content from themselves and the other studios they own. Why add extra when you don’t really need it? Plus WarnerMedia has the most valuable part of the studio anyways which is their Pre-May 1986 films, and tv shows

        1. Clyde January 16, 2021

          I have 3 things to say to you Bob 1. You complain that Apple has bad streaming services and that they should stick to tech, but yet your perfectly fine with Amazon buying the company. I mean Amazon Prime is in my opinion the most overrated streaming service of all time. 2. Lionsgate is a fine choice but not a great one for three reasons 1. Lionsgate is more known for original or adapted movies, and not really franchises, (with Hunger Games and Rambo being the few exceptions) as well as Lionsgate only co producing movies with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer once in 2012 whereas Warner Bros. co produced movies with them many times since 1977. 3. Yes I’m aware AT&T is in debt, but so what if WarnerMedia has the stuff MGM made before May 1986 they should have all of MGM they’re like lost siblings that have great chemistry.

    2. David Brown January 14, 2021

      I could see Lionsgate as a possibility for buying MGM (programming for Encore and obviously Encore Westerns for stuff like the Magnificent 7 films). The problems are . 1: Most of the MGM library is junk. Almost no one wants to see beach movies, grade Z horror films and most of the Cannon Film library). 2: Most of the best movies from the MGM library ( Bond, Pink Panther, Rocky/Creed and Bronson films for example) have been run repeatedly, so they lose value. I still think Warner will find a way to get the films they want: Especially Rocky/Creed and Pink Panther. I could see a deal with Universal getting Bond and other films like Rocky going to Warner’s.

      1. David Brown January 17, 2021

        Clyde You are correct. if Amazon or for that matter Apple really wanted MGM they could buy it right now and not take the chance a competitor can get the library. A real possibility is Warner’s and Comcast/Universal split up MGM and take what they want. This would also help with anti-trust issues. Maybe Universal gets Epix where they can park their upcoming films after the HBO Contract ends, as well as Bond ( including Never Say Never Again), and maybe the TV library ( Stargate, Vikings etc) for Peacock. Warner’s gets Leo The Lion trademark and the lions share of the film library ( especially Rocky/Creed, the Warner three ( Moby Dick, Zelig and Sayonara), Cannon library, Pink Panther ( movie and cartoons), Robocop, and the older films for TCM).

        1. Bob January 18, 2021

          Wow you and Clyde are huge hypocrites. WarnerMedia is owned by AT&T which is a tech company, NBCUniversal is owned by Comcast which is also a tech company, and Columbia Pictures, Tristar Pictures, as well as Screen Gems are all owned by Sony which is once again a tech company. If all three of these tech companies can be part of the entertainment industry than so can Amazon since they already have a decent streaming service. Also I’m done wasting my time arguing with you two so I’m not commenting here anymore.

          1. Bob January 18, 2021

            Not only that Amazon also makes great films and tv shows. Bye

          2. David Brown January 18, 2021

            I am not complaining about a tech company buying MGM, I did not even hint at that. My point about Amazon and Apple is if they wanted MGM that badly they could meet MGM’s asking price and call it a wrap. This is especially true of Amazon because they were negotiating with MGM. We also know that Fox had the right to distribute MGM films and once Disney took over Fox, Warner’s took over the MGM distribution. What does that tell you? Warner is one company that likes MGM films. I mentioned Universal because they can use Epix ( Warner does not need that network due to HBO and a lesser extent Cinemax), they can also use Bond because they have the International distribution rights.

          3. Clyde January 19, 2021

            Well Bob you’re a hypocrite yourself considering you don’t want Apple (a tech company) to buy the company.

  21. LegerPrim3 January 16, 2021

    My money's on Comcast buying MGM

    1. Clyde January 19, 2021

      I’m perfectly fine with Comcast, but in my opinion WarnerMedia is a better option for MGM.

      1. David Brown January 22, 2021

        MGM is in a lot of trouble. The latest Bond film is being delayed until November ( at best). The value of James Bond and of course, their asking price can only go down. Warner was condemned for taking their entire slate of movies to HBO Max but they are smart doing it to build up the network and taking the tax write off. I feel even more confident that MGM will have to sell at a price lower then they want and that means Warner gets the library at a discount. The only question is what happens to Bond ( and for that matter Epix)? I still think Universal ends up with both. It makes too much sense not to.

        1. Clyde January 22, 2021

          Actually it’s delayed until October, but yeah I’m disappointed that it’s delayed once again, and that MGM is losing more money than ever. The company desperately needs to be acquired, however the only 3 I’m fine with are Comcast, Netflix, and WarnerMedia. (Especially WarnerMedia)

          1. David Brown January 22, 2021

            I simply do not see Netflix ( unless it is Bond alone). Why? MGM films (on average) are older and really do not have much of a place on Netflix ( this does not even include Epix). One other factor is the anti- trust issue. There is no way I see Lionsgate which owns STARZ or Warner ( HBO and Cinemax) being allowed to own Epix. I also do not see the entire library making sense for Peacock ( I could also see that as an anti trust issue). A deal with Warner buying everything on condition it sells Epix, the TV shows, and maybe Bond is something that makes sense. It allows both Warner and Universal to get what they really want. Universal Epix and maybe Bond. Warner the library and Leo the Lion.

          2. Clyde January 22, 2021

            Now that I think about it you’re right about Netflix, but why do you want the James Bond films to go to NBCUniversal? MGM only co-owns the Bond film rights along with EON productions plus none of the bond films are on Peacock (at least Netflix has Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace). I also think it’s more fair for to sell EPIX to Sony since their the only company that has a Major movie studio, but doesn’t have any streaming service. Comcast’s NBCUniversal has not only Peacock, but also a minority stake in Hulu.

          3. Clyde January 22, 2021

            If WarnerMedia actually does buy MGM I also don’t want any of it’s shows to NBCUniversal as well because WarnerMedia owns the Pre-May 1986 MGM tv shows via Turner Entertainment (with the 1960s Flipper tv show being the only exception).

          4. David Brown January 23, 2021

            Clyde: I am replying here because they did not let me reply below. I agree with you that it is certainly possible that instead of Universal Sony could get Epix, and Warner ( if they get MGM, can keep the entire library ( TV and Bond included)). I was guessing Universal because they hold international Bond rights, and no Bond deal can be completed without the okay of EON. As for the TV library, there is very little that actually makes sense for Warner. Take Vikings or the reality programming, it is not really a fit for HBO Max, TCM or other properties ( would work well on Peacock). The exceptions are the Pink Panther cartoon which would be nice for Boomerang, and can be remade for Cartoon Network, and Stargate which could go on TNT, TBS or HBO Max One thing I have noticed is increasingly UA programming is popping up on the Warner platforms: 10 To Midnight ( Charles Bronson/Cannon Films) HBO Max, Bobby Jo And The Outlaw ( AIP) and Hank Um High ( Clint Eastwood/UA) on TCM are examples of this. I would not be the least bit shocked if Warner already has a deal in place to not only distribute but actually acquire at least part of the library ( non Bond films and Pink Panther ( that cartoon is I would imagine is something that is high on their want list))

          5. Clyde January 23, 2021

            The reality shows I’ll admit are junk, but I’m fine with Vikings and it’s upcoming spinoff I mean think about it Warner not only having MGM’s pre-May 1986 shows such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Medical Center, and CHIPs, but also The Pink Panther cartoons, The Addams Family, Green Acres, both the 60s and 90s Flipper shows, In the Heat of the Night, the various Stargate shows, Vikings, and Fargo under one roof.

  22. LegerPrim3 January 17, 2021

    Didn't Comcast use to own a 20% equity stake in MGM Holdings, Inc.? What happened?

    1. Clyde January 23, 2021

      I don’t know?

      1. David Brown January 24, 2021

        Clyde I agree with you about the Addams Family, that is a good call. But many of the shows even the successful ones like Medical Center and Green Acres have not been seen in decades. Let’s be honest, is there a real demand for Flipper? I have found the most successful shows in syndication are the classics ( Star Trek, I Love Lucy etc), and action shows: Rockford Files, Hawaii Five-O etc. Most are from the Viacom family ( Rockford Files being an exception). The popularity of action is why much of the Cannon Film library is constantly shown ( Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris etc). I just wonder that with the AT&T debt load and anti-trust issues that the strategy will be for Warner to pick and choose what they want, and sell the rest ( maybe even James Bond). As far as TV is concerned, Obviously Pink Panther would be a keeper (based on their success with Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry it is probably right at the top of their most desired list) . I am sure they would would also like Addams Family and ( probably Stargate). The rest? Not so much.

        1. Clyde January 24, 2021

          I understand the majority of the ones I mentioned are not relevant, but it’ll still be nice to at least have some of them under one roof (maybe on HBO Max for a change). Also It will probably be nice for the studio to revisit their classic IPS again with Turner Entertainment like Tom and Jerry for example

        2. Clyde January 24, 2021

          I don’t mind the Cannon library, American International Pictures, and now that I think of it some of the irrelevant MGM Tv shows sold to a different company, but the relevant ones like The Pink Panther cartoons, The Addams Family, Cagney & Lacey, Stargate, Vikings, Fargo, and even Green Acres should stay with Warner. I would also mention Gilligan’s Island since United Artists Television made the show, but Turner Entertainment owns the rights to the show.

          1. David Brown January 24, 2021

            We are in agreement ( although I suspect many films of the Cannon Library would remain at Warner). Keep in mind, Warner already owns some Cannon films. Bloodsport, Cobra, Street Smart and Masters Of The Universe to name a few. The Bronson, Norris, Martial Arts and one of my personal favorite Cannon Films, Runaway Train are the kind of films that are worth keeping. If it means holding on to the Alien From LA trash to keep those, it would be worth it. As for AIP, that is the exact opposite. While there are a few worth keeping: Vincent Price/ Roger Corman stuff for example, I would not hesitate, to give those up to dump the rest of the library on someone.

        3. Clyde January 24, 2021

          I also forgot to mention The Pink Panther spin offs, and the 60s and 90s The Outer Limits shows for Warner to keep everything else can just be sold to a different company.

          1. Clyde January 24, 2021

            Alright I guess the Cannon films can stay, but as much as I love Vincent Price AIP in my opinion isn’t really worth keeping

          2. Clyde January 24, 2021

            I mean I would be happy if the Vincent Price films stay, but most of the films, and the company itself can just be sold off to someone else besides Warner will have to many film studios, oh and Warner can merge MGM and Turner Entertainment and be renamed to MGM entertainment

          3. David Brown January 24, 2021

            Clyde, I would also mention Comcast co-owns the MGM Network. The logical deal is this: The other half of the MGM Network, Epix, Bond, Most of the TV shows ( excluding Addams Family, Stargate and the cartoons ( Excluding James Bond jr)), and AIP ( the Price films and remake possibilities are good for Peacock and Universal respectively) to Comcast. Warner gets the non-Bond UA library, post 1986 MGM films, Orion, Nelson and Cannon libraries, Addams Family, Stargate, cartoons ( except James Bond jr) and rights to Leo The Lion. Although I would be shocked if any MGM deal would work this way because it makes too much sense.

          4. Clyde January 24, 2021

            Couldn’t have said it better myself although I would also like Warner to keep the 60s and 90s The Outer Limits shows, Vikings, and Fargo. ViacomCBS can keep Green Acres considering they already have The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction. If Comcast keeps MGM network they should rename it to Universal Network.

  23. Clyde January 24, 2021

    As for Bond I guess selling it to Universal Pictures would not be so bad, but for them to have complete ownership Comcast would have to acquire EON productions.

  24. Clyde January 24, 2021

    On second thought I changed my mind about the Fargo tv show since The 1996-1999 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment catalog is currently owned by Universal Pictures (part of Comcast). The pre-1996 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment catalog is currently owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (part of MGM Holdings), so the Fargo tv show, as well as The pre-1996 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment catalog should go to Comcast, but WarnerMedia should keep the 60s and 90s The Outer Limits shows, Vikings

    1. David Brown January 24, 2021

      Clyde, I do not think ownership of Outer Limits, Vikings or even Fargo will be a deal breaker one way or another ( although I do think Poly Gram will go to Comcast). For Warner the priorities are likely this order. 1: UA Library ( especially Pink Panther ( films and cartoons)). 2: Orion Library. 3: Cannon Library. For Comcast it is . 1: Bond future films 1a: Bond library ( including James Bond jr).. 2: Epix and MGM Network.

      1. Clyde January 24, 2021

        Alright I guess Vikings can go to Comcast as well (especially since Warner has Game of Thrones), but Warner should at least keep both the 60s original and the 90s remake of The Outer limits it’s basically United Artists’ The Twilight Zone, but with more Sci-fi.

        1. David Brown January 24, 2021

          I remember Outer Limits on Showtime it was pretty good. A new version would work well on HBO Max. I think of their Perry Mason reboot ( which I prefer to the Burr TV version). Whatever happens I expect it to be quick ( before the new Bond film gets released).

      2. Clyde January 24, 2021

        Those Outer Limits shows, The Addams Family, various Stargate shows, cartoons, and that awful Robocop show (hey if they can keep the Robocop films, and cartoon, might as well keep that as well). Every other tv show can just go to Comcast. Warner should also try to get the Pre-1994 Castle Rock Entertainment film library since they own the films made in 1994 and after

        1. Clyde January 24, 2021

          I forgot to put that the shows I mentioned can stay WarnerMedia

        2. Clyde January 24, 2021

          Pink Panther will be perfect for HBO Max as well considering it has a lot of great animated shows.

        3. Clyde January 24, 2021

          I really liked every MGM live action show + The Pink Panther cartoons which Warner can keep except the awful Robocop show and cartoon those were disgraces to the Robocop name

        4. Clyde January 24, 2021

          There are other MGM shows that I like that can go to Comcast as well like Vikings for example.

        5. Clyde January 24, 2021

          By I meant put that Warner can keep instead of which Warner can keep

          1. David Brown January 25, 2021

            Clyde, thank you for the Information I did not know that MGM had those films ( thank you for the information). There is no doubt that Warner would love to complete about 99% of the library like they did when they got the Goldwyn films to complete the RKO library, As for In The Line Of Fire, I know that film well ( big Eastwood fan), and I seem to remember that movie being part of an Eastwood boxed set put out a few years ago by Warner, so maybe they have that one as well ?

          2. Clyde January 26, 2021

            Yep Eastwood is and always will be heavily associated with Warner Bros. adding UA’s Man with No Name Trilogy will be perfect for WarnerMedia

        6. David Brown January 24, 2021

          Clyde I looked up the Castle Rock films and most of the early stuff like A Few Good Men are owned by Columbia. As for Robocop there is little doubt that Warner would be happy to take the films. As far as the TV series and cartoon is concerned, they would keep them if only to prevent a competitor from making a movie off of them.

          1. Clyde January 25, 2021

            Actually if you dig deeper most of the early Castle Rock Films are owned and released on DVD and Blu Ray by MGM such as When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, and Misery they’re just originally distributed by Columbia (except A Few Good Men which remains at Sony).

          2. Clyde January 25, 2021

            Oh and also In the Line of Fire (a Clint Eastwood movie) also remains with Sony, but other than that and A Few Good Men most of Castle Rock’s early films are with MGM

          3. Clyde January 25, 2021

            And it’s not just the Nelson produced ones

  25. Clyde January 26, 2021

    Hang Em High is another good Clint Eastwood film released by United Artists that will be perfect for Warner

    1. David Brown January 27, 2021

      Clyde I would add Thunderbolt and Lightfoot to the UA list. I think it is interesting that the Vikings sequel is heading to Netflix ( with MGM still producing), coupled with making a new Tomb Raider movie and not selling the new Bond movie, makes you think they are not going out of business. I wonder if there is a possibility of just the non-Bond various film libraries being sold, which would almost certainly mean Warner ends up with most if not all, while MGM keeps the TV library (except Pink Panther Panther Cartoons)