To tie-in with the release of “Clouds” on Disney+, Interscope Records have released the soundtrack to the film.

The album features music by some of the stars of the film, Fin Argus & Sabrina Carpenter, along with renforshort and One Republic.

This soundtrack also includes score tracks, that have been composed by Brian Tyler, who has previously worked on Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Iron Man 3.

Here is a look at the album’s cover:

And here is the full tracklist for the album:

1. Galaxies – Isabella Richardson (4:27)
2. Sexy And I Know It – Fin Argus (3:23)
3. Blueberries – Sabrina Carpenter (2:22)
4. Clouds – Fin Argus & Sabrina Carpenter (3:05)
5. afterthoughts – renforshort (2:55)
6. Fix Me Up – Fin Argus & Sabrina Carpenter (4:37)
7. My Little Dancer – Fin Argus (3:08)
8. How To Go To Confession – Sabrina Carpenter (3:06)
9. Clouds Score Suite – Brian Tyler (9:20)
10. Purple Pink – Sammy Brown (2:36)
11. Star Hopping (Film Version) – A Firm Handshake (2:54)
12. Ames (Film Version) – A Firm Handshake (2:52)
13. Sandcastles (Film Version) – A Firm Handshake (3:31)
14. Wild Life – OneRepublic (4:27)


The album is available on digital platforms including Amazon.


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