Viewers learn more about FBI Director Michaels’ motivations for instituting artificial intelligence into the FBI in episode two of the miniseries, “Class of 09.” This has led to him changing the way the FBI works and led to some pushback from his former classmates. As things started to change, some agents left the FBI while others worked to investigate it from within to see if Michaels had become corrupt or if something else was going on.

The past timeline focuses a lot on Michaels’ struggles during his training at Quantico and what motivated him to join the FBI in the first place. It tackles institutional racism in very believable manner. It’s clear that he wants to take this unjust world and make it just and is hoping he can do that at the FBI. It’s clear he has lost faith in humanity and the justice system and he is seeking to change it from within. This episode really sets up his story arc as one with good intentions that gets corrupted along the way.

The present timeline focuses on his work on a mission to stop a terrorist cell operating in the United States. He and another agent are questioning the leader when the leader’s wife secretly tells them what’s going on and tries to get them to sneak her out. The terrorist and his goons attack them, killing his own wife and injuring Michaels’ partner, but Michaels is able to save her. The terrorist then starts heading to Washington D.C. while Michaels learns that he was planning to wage war on the FBI.

In the future, Michaels has lost even more faith in people, and that was why he turned to artificial intelligence to help “save the world.” He has become more oppressive and authoritative in his approach. In the great irony, the man who was fighting oppression and authoritative has become just like those he opposed. It’s a lesson learned throughout history. His intentions were pure, but he became too blinded by his mission that he forgot about the people along the way.

This was a solid episode that really brings about how Michaels’ is at least partially responsible for the attack we learn about in the premiere. He may not have carried out the attack, but his actions likely inspired those who did. The first two episodes have been well written and well acted. This series has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next six episodes.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of episode two of “Class of 09?”


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