National Geographic has announced details on the second season of its fur-ever favorite series, “César Millán: Better Human Better Dog“, which is premiering on July 22 at 9/8c on National Geographic channel. This season brings 12 all-new episodes with a fur-miliar dog behavioral specialist in the business, César Millán.

All-new episodes will air back-to-back on Fridays at 9/8c and 10/9c on National Geographic, and encore Saturdays at 10/9c and 11/10c on Nat Geo WILD.  The previous season is available to stream now on Disney+ and this series should be expected to arrive on Disney+ at a later date.

Following its epic series debut, this season brings all-new cases at César’s famed California ranch retreat for dogs, Dog Psychology Center, where canines come in with their troubles and leave on their best behavior. Watch as César uses the latest research in animal psychology to work with not only pets but, more importantly, their owners to find respect and harmony between the two parties.

Transformations include those like an aggressive Rhodesian Ridgeback who learns to trust his owner; a dog that bites and mounts anyone that comes close finally lets his “guard” down and lets his owner in; owners of a German Shepherd develop calming-confidence techniques to keep their dog from peeing inappropriately, and more.

Episode descriptions and premiere dates are as follows:

“Best Friend Bodyguard” Premieres Friday, July 22, at 9/8c

César sets out to help a pair of packs. One is desperate to fix their fearful and aggressive Rhodesian Ridgeback named Simba, whose trust issues with his pet parent have created a fiercely overprotective hostility that threatens anyone who crosses his path. The other pack is being held hostage by an anxious and confused mini schnauzer named Otto.

“Guard of the Yard” Premieres Friday, July 22, at 10/9c

César rehabs Hendrix, a self-made guard dog that bites and mounts anyone and everyone that comes near because the family was afraid and isolated him. César teaches Hendrix to let his guard down and be a respectful dog again while helping Genesis, the owner, to put aside her fear and rediscover the leader within.

“Frozen in Fear” Premieres Friday, July 29, at 9/8c

César is called in to help out two professional ballroom dancers who took on more than they could handle by adopting Zoe, a Chihuahua who is petrified of the world around her. César uses traditional and nontraditional methods to transform her into a calmer, happier and more obedient dog that will be able to be with her pet parent at the dance studio.

“Bitten By Love” Premieres Friday, July 29, at 10/9c

César helps a desperate couple with a newborn baby whose Corgi has bitten his pet parent over 30 times. After removing the dog from their home, César realizes that the mother’s energy and past are working against them. And later, César comes to the aid of two private dog park owners and their German spitz mix who’s policing of the park has become a liability for the business.

“Ten Years to Life” Premieres Friday, Aug. 5, at 9/8c

César helps the Mayo family with their pit bull Molly, who’s been confined to the backyard for 10 years after an incident at a dog park. César teaches the pet parents how to take a leadership role, and Molly returns to her back-of-the-pack position. César next shows Craig and Shannon Callahan how to use calm confidence to keep their German shepherd Jeffrey from peeing inappropriately.

“Dog Therapy” Premieres Friday, Aug. 5, at 10/9c

César sets out to help a pair of young, rambunctious dogs – a chocolate Lab and a golden retriever – and their overwhelmed pet parents, pushed to the brink of breakdown by the pandemic. César devises a unique way for the pet parents to take control as pack leaders and gain the much-needed respect from the dogs that has been sorely lacking in the relationship.

“Moving Forward” Premieres Friday, Aug. 12, at 9/8c

César helps a grieving couple with their nervous Shar-Pei. The death of his pack leader left him feeling lost, which caused him to lash out in fear against his own pet parent. And later, a pit bull’s quirky, backward behavior is a tripping hazard for her pet parent who lost his leg in a bad accident. César teaches both families how to move forward in their own calm, confident way.

“Ticking Bomb” Premieres Friday, Aug. 12, at 10/9c

César is called out to a red zone case involving two powerful breeds who have begun fighting, hunting and killing small animals in their backyard. They have now turned their aggression onto each other causing chaos amongst the household and César needing to get some air. Also, César meets a retired couple whose retirement has been anything but pleasant as their terrier has shut their world down.

“Appetite for Destruction” Premieres Friday, Aug. 19, at 9/8c

In Laguna Hills, a four-dog pack destroys everything it can. Pet parent Sherry must recognize her own anxiety in order to calm down the entire household. Then, in La Cañada, the Lee family, including two young girls, is being pulled into traffic by their pack during walks. Mother Gina must learn to lead with confidence if her dogs and her children are going to be safe.

“Silent Biter” Premieres Friday, Aug. 19, at 10/9c

César helps a couple who is afraid for their young son because their poodle-chihuahua mix feels the need to protect his nervous mother. And later, a family of four adopted a husky to bring them together after a divorce, but his escape-artist ways are pulling them apart.

“Avocado Aggression” Premieres Friday, August 26, at 9/8c

César rehabs a Doberman who can’t stop scanning for threats – and finding them in his own home in the form of a packmate. It’s a true emergency with violent fights erupting between the brothers while the couple’s two young children play nearby. Later, César intervenes when a Jindo-pit mix, a nervous wreck, threatens his owner’s relocation plans.

“Unleash the Hulk” Premieres Friday, Aug. 26, at 10/9c

César sets out to help a young bulldog named Jaxx, who has been keeping his family prisoner in their own home. His pet parent, Priscilla, has been so controlled by her fears that Jaxx is now confused and aggressive. It is up to César to help the two create a calming environment led by boundaries and clear direction.

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