Disney has announced a new Brazilian Disney+ Original series, “¡Todo está bien!” (Everything is fine!), which is now in production in San Pablo. The romantic comedy series tells the story of Pedro ( Pedro Calais ), a young intern who yearns to be a music star, and meets Ana ( Ana Caetano ), a singer and songwriter […]

Disney has recently announced that they have started filming a brand new Disney+ Original in Argentina called, “Selenkay“. The new series follows Sofía, who, after constantly moving and living in remote places because of her parents’ work, yearns for stability, going to school, and having friends, like any 16-year-old girl. Arriving in Río Vivo, a […]

Disney has announced a brand new Latin American Brazilian Disney+ Original series called “Voluntários: Tudo Pela Ciência”. The series sees Rafael Cortez take the audience on a scientific adventure that takes some common (and not-so-common) questions from curious minds, to find out how things work, and they then examine scientific theories by behind them and […]

Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana, has announced it has made an international distribution deal with Disney for their series, “The Hardy Boys”, on Disney+ outside of the U.S. and Canada. Season 1 (13x60min) and Season 2 (10x60min) of the live-action mystery series, that has been developed and produced in Canada by Nelvana and Lambur Productions, in association with […]

Disney has announced it has started production on “Art Attack: Challenge Mode”, a brand new Latin American Original Series for Disney+, which sees artists and influencers facing fun artistic challenges that they must overcome with ingenuity and creativity. The new series will consist of twelve 22 minute episodes and is being recorded in Buenos Aires, […]

June is packed with brand new original programming that will be available exclusively on Disney+ globally.  June sees the debut of a brand new Marvel Studios series, Loki, plus there are three live-action drama series dropping new episodes throughout the month and a brand new Star Wars animated series, along with a new Pixar movie […]

Disney has released a trailer and details for the upcoming Disney+ Original series “Chaparreando”, which is coming to Disney+ in Latin America on Friday 21st May. This new reality show stars Mexican actor and presenter Omar Chaparro and his son Emiliano, who go on an epic motorcycle tour from Los Angeles, US to Chihuahua, Mexico.  […]

Disney has announced that filming has begun on a brand new Disney+ Original fiction series “Papás por encargo” for Latin America. The series stars Jorge Blanco (Violetta, Disney), Michael Ronda (Soy Luna, Disney) y Lalo Brito (Buscando a Timbiriche: la nueva banda) and Farah Justiniani (La Voz Kids). The story of “Papás por encargo” begins when, […]

Disney+ Latin America has acquired the animated series “Turu and the Wackies”, which is a spin-off from the 2019 film “Turu, the Wacky Hen”. The new series consists of 26 episodes and sees Turu set up a band with his farm friends: the elegant little pig Rhythm, who plays the guitar, and energetic sheep Beat, […]

Disney has announced a new Disney+ Original for Latin America called “Siempre fui yo”, which is being made by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in Colombia and Argentina .   This new series stars the Mexican actress and singer Karol Sevilla ( Soy Luna , Disney Channel), the Colombian singer Pipe Bueno and the renowned Colombian-Mexican actor […]

Disney has released a trailer for the upcoming animated film, Un Disfraz Para Nicolás, which is coming to Disney+ in Latin America on Friday 19th March. Nicolás is a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome and a big heart. When his mother passes away, he must go live with his grandparents and his cousin David, a […]