It has been announced that the Emmy Award-winning Australian series, Bluey, is bounding onto screens for an all-new second season July 10th 2020 on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. All season two episodes will subsequently air on Disney Junior.  And I’ve confirmed that the second season will be coming to Disney+ in the US once it’s finished its initial run on the Disney Junior channel.

The first season of the heart-warming show, brought to you by BBC Studios, will continue to air on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, and will remain available to stream on Disney+.

Bluey follows the adventures of the lovable and inexhaustible 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey, who lives with her Dad (Bandit), her Mum (Chilli) and 4-year-old little sis, Bingo.

“Bluey has won the hearts of kids and parents with its beautiful animation and honest take on modern family life. The show offers relatable situations for engaging kids every day, which is so important to parents at this current time,” said Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Children’s Content Partnerships, BBC Studios. “Disney Junior and Disney Channel are the perfect homes for a brand new season of inspirational episodes, bringing families together for a genuine co-viewing experience that delivers laughs as well as real, impactful messages.”

“We love that kids and parents are embracing Bluey all across America. It’s really wonderful to see a kids programming from Australia resonating so much with U.S. audiences,” said Bluey EPs and Ludo co-founders, Charlie Aspinwall and Daley Pearson. “We love hearing from fans on social media and hope everyone enjoys this new season, as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Season 2 introduces viewers to more of Bluey and Bingo’s friends and extended family, as well as a variety of imaginative and ingenious games, including Tickle Crabs, Fancy Restaurant, Rug Island, and many more. The season also shines a spotlight on Bandit and Chilli’s relationship with their daughters, as they continue to juggle work and childcare. In addition, Anthony Field, the world-famous original and current Blue Wiggle of The Wiggles, lends his voice to characters featured in two of the new episodes, including one of the season premiere episodes “Dance Mode.”

On July 27, the first volume of Bluey Season 1 will available for purchase through Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and other digital retailers. There will be six volumes – a new one available every three weeks. The retail price for each volume will be $9.99 USD.

To further extend all the fun and gameplay of the popular series, the eagerly awaited debut line of Bluey toys from Moose Toys is set to launch at retail nationwide later this summer.

Are you looking forward to a second season of Bluey?

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Roger Palmer

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  1. Sandy Bowers June 10, 2020

    I'm a grandmother, 60 years old, and I have Season 1 of Bluey on my DVR. and I watch it every night before I go to bed!!! I ADORE this show!!! My 6 year old granddaughter that doesn't like much, loves it too!! I really wish there would be an episode of Muffin being corrected for her selfish, and kinda mean behavior. Bluey and Bingo are so well behaved, cousins Muffin and Socks bad behavior really stands out!! (BBQ and Camping come to mind.) I can't WAIT for Season 2 to be available!!! And in Fruit Bat, when Bingo does a "tactical wee" I laughed out loud!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

  2. Breana June 13, 2020

    I'm like really excited to not watch the same episodes for a while lol. I never expected my five year old to love this show so dang much!

    1. Leslie July 18, 2020

      I couldn't agree more! I was at the point it was driving me crazy ? My 5,3 and 1.5 year olds have become in love with this show since the pandemic had become. I find myself laughing out loud. My 5 yo and I have conversations about everything happening and getting her perspective on how she sees the stories makes my heart melt sometime. And she's picking up on some of the humor which I greatly appreciate.

    2. Ramdhani February 10, 2021

      But, there just 8 episode on disney plus indonesia, when the rest of episode will relase? I've been waiting for too long, is the other country same with here? Or just indonesia?

    3. Ramdhani February 10, 2021

      Ah. Sorry wrong comment

  3. Ashley Grooms June 24, 2020

    Bluey is the best kids show I’ve ever seen and believe me I’m a cartoon watcher, even as an adult. This show has helped my 5year old become more imaginative, nicer to her siblings and she shares better with her friends. She watches the shows over and over again. I’ve yet to get tired of the same episodes but we are ecstatic about the new season. Please DO NOT stop producing Bluey!!! Our hearts will be broken!!!!

  4. Owen buddery July 2, 2020

    When will Disney comfirm bluey season 1 to be on Disney + In great Brittan and Ireland Bluey is on Disney Junior in the uk

  5. Heather October 8, 2020

    I’m still waiting in anticipation for the second season of Bluey to arrive on Disney+!

    1. Sarah Chechel December 14, 2020

      I know it has been soooooooo long I hope it comes on soon