ESPN has announced details on a new documentary called “Blood Brothers”, which tells the story of Cameron and Cayden Boozer, twin sons of Duke legend Carlos Boozer, who are two of the most highly touted high school basketball recruits in the country. But their most crucial assist came long before either set foot on a basketball court. A new episode of ESPN E60 updates the story of how the twins helped save the life of their older brother Carmani through an incredible chain of events more than 15 years ago.

Cameron and Cayden are the sons of Carlos and CeCe Boozer. Carlos made a name for himself by playing at Duke for coach Mike Krzyzewski. He was also a star on the Blue Devils team, which won the national championship in 2001. Soon after that, Boozer’s NBA career took off, and he signed a $68 million contract with the Utah Jazz in the summer of 2004.

The next summer, CeCe became pregnant with the couple’s first child. But before baby Carmani was even born, the family received a stunning diagnosis: he had sickle cell disease, a blood disorder that can cause debilitating pain, stroke and even death.

Doctors advised Carlos and CeCe that the best course of action was to help Carmani manage his sickle cell symptoms throughout his life. But they weren’t satisfied with that answer – they wanted a cure. While Carlos was in Salt Lake City playing for the Jazz, CeCe began to research alternative treatments and discovered that bone marrow transplants had promising results in some sickle cell patients. She also learned that the most likely genetic match for such a donation came from a sibling. The only problem: Carmani was an only child.

CeCe and Carlos decided on a novel approach: they would try to conceive using IVF, which would allow them to ensure that the fertilized embryos were both free of sickle cell disease as well as being bone marrow matches for Carmani. In July 2007, CeCe gave birth to twins Cameron and Cayden, who began their life saving the life of their brother. But the story of the Boozer brothers was just getting started.

The Boozers’ story was first featured on E60 in 2008. Now, reporter Lisa Salters and the E60 film team have connected with the family again to resume the amazing story almost two decades in the making.

The twins play basketball for Christopher Columbus High School in Miami. Carmani is a pitcher for Monsignor Edward Pace High School. Carlos is now a men’s college basketball analyst for ACC Network.

“Blood Brothers” was directed by Russell Dinallo, and it debuts Tuesday, 2nd 2024, at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2. The documentary will also be available immediately following on ESPN+, and ESPN’s YouTube channel. The program will re-air multiple times on ESPN networks.

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