Today, Hollywood Records has released the score album to the National Geographic limited series “A Small Light”, on digital platforms including Amazon, Apple and Spotify.

Based on an inspiring true story, Miep Gies (Bel Powley) was young, carefree and opinionated — at a time when opinions got you killed ― when Otto Frank (Liev Schreiber) asked her to help hide his family from the Nazis during WWII. Without hesitation, Miep agreed. For the next two years, she and her daring and devoted husband, Jan (Joe Cole), with several other everyday heroes, watched over the Frank, van Pels and Pfeffer families hiding in the secret annex.

The album features an original score composed by Ariel Marx, who has previously worked on “Candy”, “Shiva Baby, Sanctuary” and “American Horror Story”.

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

1. The Bookcase (1:09)
2. A Chicken More Like You (1:21)
3. A Prayer for Peter (1:52)
4. Ransacked (2:13)
5. They’re Not Coming Back (2:43)
6. All the Money in Amsterdam (1:04)
7. A Secret Meeting (3:48)
8. Part of the Resistance (2:07)
9. Miep and Jan (2:54)
10. Please Don’t Go (3:46)
11. She Stays with Me (2:48)
12. The Raid of Opekta (10:08)
13. What Happens Now (1:18)
14. Do This for Her (4:01)
15. The Allies Have Landed (3:17)
16. We Don’t Lie to Each Other (1:29)
17. Miep and Tess (2:51)
18. The Happiest Girl in the World (2:48)
19. Before the War (1:36)
20. I Remember You (3:09)
21. We’re Here (3:22)
22. You Should Have Told Us (1:45)
23. Everything Feels Different (2:29)
24. A Bribe (1:18)
25. What Can Be Saved (8:51)
26. Coming Home (1:32)
27. I Found a Place (1:41)
28. Amsterdam Is Liberated (0:57)
29. You Have to Live (2:26)
30. The Annex (2:55)

“A Small Light” is out now on Disney+ and Hulu

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