To tie in with the release of the new French Disney+ Original film, “Une zone à défendre”, aka “A Place to Fight For”, Hollywood Records has released the soundtrack to the film on digital platforms including Amazon, Apple and Spotify.

The film tells the story of Greg, who is an officer with the Internal Security Agency, who is sent to infiltrate a ZAD using a false identity. There he meets Myriam, an environmental activist. Eighteen months later, Greg returns to the ZAD on official business, finds Myriam, and discovers she has a baby. Torn between his professional ambition and burgeoning love, Greg must make a choice that could change everything. Time is running out, and soon everything will disappear.

The soundtrack features an original score by Mathieu Lamboley, who has previously worked on Netflix’s “Lupin” and “The Last Mercenary”.

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

1. Arrive (1:56)
2. Fight (1:48)
3. Now Rest (2:29)
4. Under the Cover (2:46)
5. For the Cabines (2:48)
6. There Is Hope (1:30)
7. When the World Collapse (2:19)
8. Sabotage Is a Way (2:27)
9. Gigue De Rio (2:13)
10. Wind and Leaves (0:54)
11. Whirl of Doubts (3:47)
12. Mother’s Heart Cracking (1:48)
13. Run for Cover (3:06)
14. Milonga (2:55)
15. A Baby Sleeps (1:16)
16. Tears Roll In (2:53)

You can stream “A Place to Fight For” on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ around the world.

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