It’s Sunday and time for us to take a look at what’s trending on Disney+ this week and “Obi-Wan Kenobi” continues to hold the top of the trending chart, with the latest series, “Ms Marvel” making a strong debut, sliding into the second spot in the US.

The new “Lightyear” behind-the-scenes documentary, “Beyond Infinity” made a strong debut and also provided a boost to the other “Toy Story” films.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom,  “The Kardashians” continues to be a huge hit for Disney+ internationally.  The addition of the Sony “Spider-Man” films on Disney+ in the UK saw “Homecoming” jump into the trending chart.

Here are the Disney+ Trending charts for the week ending Sunday 19 June 2022:

United States

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  2. Ms Marvel
  3. Bluey
  4. Encanto
  5. The Simpsons
  6. Toy Story
  7. Beyond Infinity
  8. Turning Red
  9. Toy Story 4
  10. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  11. Moana
  12. Toy Story 3
  13. Toy Story 2
  14. Luca
  15. Zootopia
  16. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  17. Jessie
  18. Frozen
  19. Moon Knight
  20. Frozen 2
  21. Cars
  22. Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers
  23. Spidey And His Amazing Friends
  24. Glee
  25. Small Fry

United Kingdom

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  2. The Kardashians
  3. Ms Marvel
  4. Family Guy
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
  6. The Simpsons
  7. Modern Family
  8. Encanto
  9. Spider-Man: Homecoming (NEW)
  10. Bluey
  11. Beyond Infinity
  12. Toy Story
  13. The Orville
  14. NCIS
  15. Moana
  16. Bob’s Burgers
  17. Star Wars: The Clones Wars
  18. Turning Red
  19. Criminal Minds
  20. The Walking Dead
  21. American Dad
  22. How I Met Your Mother
  23. Toy Story 4
  24. Toy Story 2
  25. Toy Story 3

What did you watch on Disney+ this week?

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