Since launch, Disney+ has defined itself as the destination for Star Wars, Marvel, and, thanks to recent additions of Hamilton and The Greatest Showman, movie musicals. In fact, when Disney executives addressed what is popular on Disney+, one genre dominated the discussion.  “Musicals are doing very, very well,” said Bob Iger on February 4, 2020 […]

Disney+ has been a roaring success and one of the movies that did big numbers for Disney+ in 2020 was the filmed version of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, however, one issue many Broadway fans had was that besides Hamilton and Newsies there were no other Broadway musicals available to stream on Disney+. So I […]

Disney+ has added a new “Musical” collection to the app, which features a wide range of movies and shows including “The Greatest Showman”, “Hamilton”, “Sound Of Music” and many more.  There are four different categories including animated and live-action movies, TV series and specials/shorts. You’ll find this collection on the Disney+ home screen and in […]