It’s no April Fools. Disney has removed the 20th Century Studios film, “Mr Poppers Penguins” from Disney+ in the United States. The reason for the removal is due to pre-existing contracts made before the Walt Disney Company purchased 20th Century Fox.  And at the start of every month, usually, we see a small number of […]

Disney has announced it will be releasing the 20th Century Studios comedy “Mr Popper’s Penguins” on Disney+ in the United States on January 1st 2021. Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey) is a successful real estate developer in Manhattan. He lives in a posh apartment on Park Avenue, and is on the fast track to a partnership […]

Disney is adding the 20th Century Studios family movie, Mr Poppers Penguins, to Disney+ in Canada on Friday, October 23rd. This film was released in 2011 and stars Jim Carrey as Mr Popper, who inherits six penguins, and they soon turn his apartment, and his life, upside down. The whole family will be full of […]