The zombies episode of Marvel’s “What If…?” has been added to the Halloween collection on Disney+ as part of the Hallowstream event. It’s the episode that makes the most sense for Halloween, but it’s not a true Halloween episode. If you read my initial review of the episode, you know that Hank Pym accidentally brought […]

Disney+ has once again added a Halloween collection to its streaming service as we get closer to the spooky holiday. Part of that collection includes Halloween episodes of series that appeared on Disney’s family of networks and Disney+ Original Series. So, I thought I would take time to review some of the individual episodes from […]

The buddies are back and this time they are trying to stop a warlock and a hellhound in the 2011 film, “Spooky Buddies.” This if the fifth installment of the “Air Buddies” franchise. In the film, back in 1937, Warwick the Warlock has kidnapped five of the same breed of puppies in an effort to […]