Last month, Apple TV+ subscribers in the United States were given limited access to dozens of films from various studios, including Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers Discovery, Universal, and Sony. These movies are available on a non-exclusive basis, so they haven’t been removed from other platforms. This is part of a new trial being conducted by […]

One of the biggest complaints the Apple TV+ streaming service is that unlike most other streaming services, it doesn’t offer a huge library of classic films or shows, instead focusing on high quality originals like “Ted Lasso” and “Legends Of The Air”. However, this week, over 50 classic films from a variety of different studios […]

The battle between the streaming services isn’t all about who can get the most subscribers or offer the latest hit show, it’s also about putting together the best team for the job, which sometimes involves talent switching sides. After Apple announced its own streaming service, Apple TV+, its been reported by Bloomberg that they’ve hired […]